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"Ladida is about creating a beautiful childhood"

La-di-da is a lovely boutique in New Jersey. La-di-da started in 2008! And has come a very long way since - with selling up to date fashion clothes from many brands such as Amelia, Liho-London, EGG Baby and much more. They choose their designers very carefully. The clothes at Ladida are very edgy and very unique! 
I love the clothes in Ladida, they are very unique and gorgeous! 

One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six ||Seven || Eight 

How gorgeous are these items?! Great for any occasion or just day-to-day wear.

Ladida sell a range of items, such as clothes, accessories and shoes. They sell clothes/accessories etc for babies and children up to 12 years old! 

If you want the up to date fashionable look for you child, but also lovely good quality clothes for your child then shop at

They now do FREE Shipping to Europe.

** SALE **
*** From the 25th November for one week. 40% off sale! 

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