The Little Girl With The Red Shoes.

Mia loves her red shoes/boots. I don't know why but she will wear them with anything and everything. I try and get her to wear her sandals or jelly shoes because the weather is so nice, but no! She wants to wear her red shoes! Her Dad bought them a few months ago and ever since she wants to wear them with every outfit even her school uniform dress! These photos were taken today (11/7/2014) actually. She then wanted to change into another dress so I got her another one and she still wanted to wear the red shoes with a nice flowery pink dress. But hey ho that's Mia for you!
It was her Sports Day a couple of weeks ago and I had asked her if she would put proper trainers on but nope! She wants her "fast running red shoes". According to her they make her run fast! But yet again, she did win the running race, so maybe?! Ha ha.
That is one thing I will always remember about Mia when she is older! Her red shoes :)!

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  1. Awww she remind me of Dorothy in her red shoes and blue dress :) xx


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