21 Instagram Shops You Need To Visit

Before I had Freddie I loved online window shopping at baby leggings and other handmade clothing on Instagram. I follow a lot of shops on Instagram that sell stunning and adorable handmade items for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. Although I haven't bought from every single shop, I plan to buy more once Freddie is 1+ years old. At the moment he is going through clothes like there's no tomorrow. He doesn't walk, he doesn't crawl so no one can really see his clothes because he is always cosied up in his cosy toes in the pram.

These are my top 10 Instagram shops; 

I've bought a couple of leggings from Lamb and Bear and they've always been good quality. I love her designs on each pair of leggings and how unique they look compared to other unisex leggings. Lamb and Bear also sell bandana bibs that match leggings - which are also fab. She has a sale on at the moment so go check her out. 

I've bought a blanket, rompers, knitted hat and cardigans from the lovely Laura at her award-winning online shop; Knitty Knatty Laura. The quality of her knitted items is fantastic. Her prices are affordable and fair for the product. I have always recommended Laura to anyone who is after unique and knitted clothing/blankets/accessories. If you are after any kind of knitted item but don't see it on her page, message her and ask her. She's done a few for me and I've always been pleased with the items I've bought from her.

I came across this online shop a while back and I finally purchased some adorable penguin leggings. The quality was fantastic and it was at such a good price. Lil' Cubs' items are bright and modern. They also sell bibs, swaddles/muslins and sleepsuits as well as leggings too. 

I found Turtledove London when Freddie was a couple of months old. They had a sale on at the time and I decided to order a romper. I fell in love with the design and quality of the romper and I've had some good comments about it from other people too. Turtledove London offer great quality unisex leggings, playsuits, tops and dungarees at reasonable prices.

I've known about Tobias and the Bear for a while. My nephews Mum (also my close friend), has been buying leggings for my nephew since he was baby. I've always followed Tobias and the Bear and I absolutely love their style and clothing. They offer great clothing for babies and kids, bedding and gifts. 

JmwKids sell a lovely range of clothing for babies and toddlers up to 2-3 years old. Their clothing having stunning modern prints that you will fall in love with. With a reasonable price, you can't go wrong. They sell rompers, coats, jackets, blankets and more over on their shop. 

Little Boos sell some amazing quality clothing items such as rompers, sweatshirts, leggings and more. With many stunning prints you won't be disapointed! There's plenty to choose from. I purchased some leggings from Little Boos a while back and I was overly pleased with the quality, for the price.

I absolutely love Two Little's clothing. I found this shop pretty recently and I have fallen in love with their clothing. They are so simple, pretty and modern. If you've not seen them before, I recommend you take a look. 

Cribstar sell clothing for babies up to age 6. Their prices are reasonable and affordable. If you are looking for modern, affordable and adorable clothing, check them out. They also sell hats, tableware and accessories. 

Miley and Moss offer great modern leggings, tops and rompers for babies and toddlers. At reasonable affordable prices you can't go wrong. There's also some clothing for girls over 4 years old.



  1. I'm off to make sure I'm following all of these Instagram shops! Thank you :)

  2. There are some fab shops mentioned here! I love finding unique items from Instagram shops! x


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