The Naughty Sheep Jam Review

 A few weeks ago we were sent 3 marmalades to try out. I was surprised that I was sent 3 different marmalades! I couldn't wait too taste them, I've not been 100% keen on marmalades to be honest but I thought i'd try it. Unfortuntley I didn't like them (but only because i'm not a big fan on marmalade). My partner and his parents loved them! They loved the texture and the lovely taste of the marmalade.

I was then kindly sent a Strawberry Jam and Rasberry Jam to try out. Oh My! They were so yummy! I really liked the taste of the strawberry. There was a lovely strong taste of strawberry and lovely texture too. Both my girls and my partner love both of these jam's too. Suprisingly again, I was given two big jars of these jam's. I was over the moon when I tasted them and I loved them! Deffintley a must buy if you are looking for tastey jams to put on your toast in the mornings!

You can buy these here! :-)
Hope ewe buy them and try them!

* I was kindly sent these for free to try out in return of an honest opinion. All photos and words are 100% my own.

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