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Hey! Welcome to my little space on the internet. Hope you're keeping well.
My name is Beth and I'm the writer of Life As Mum. I'm a Welsh Mam of 3. Who I'll speak a little about below. I have a loving partner, Chris and he also has a son. We're a family that absolutely loves to be outdoors and make memories. 

I'm a Mam to; Mia who's 12 years old, Elliw who's 10, and Freddie who's 5.
I suffered with Obstetric Cholestasis, also known as ICP, during all three pregnancies, which I talk about through my blog. I have also spoken about being a single parent, a teenage parent, breastfeeding and much more. 

Life as Mum started back in 2013 and primarily started as a place where I documented the children's milestones and some family days out. Since then, it has grown from a hobby to a job. But a job I love to do. You will find various posts about our family life, from documenting our family days out, places we love to visit, life in North Wales, any milestones of the kids and so much more. You will also find a few different home posts, and me sharing my love of photos. 

If you live in North Wales, or would like to visit one day, here's an Instagram page I share all my North Wales adventures at Life In Wales Captured.

You can also find me here;
Instagram: Life as Beth
Facebook: Life as Mum Blog


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