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What is Life as Mum?
Life as Mum started back in 2013 when I was a Mum of just two beautiful children. I initially started blogging to document our family life. Writing about our family outings, my top parenting tips from experience and milestone updates. Through the years I have been incredibly lucky to turn my hobby into my job, a second income to our home. But not only that, Life as Mum has changed in many ways such as improvment in writing, photography and a bigger audience. As Life as Mum grew each year, I have changed in the way I write about things. I have focussed it back to more about us and not so much 'top tips'. Most of our posts are about our family life. Our memories. Our stories and something I told myself from day one is that I will always make this blog honest. 

It's an honest motherhood and family life blog.

In 2016 Life as Mum changed again. I gave birth to my third child, our first little boy. I have documented my whole pregnancy, birth and his first full year on the blog. I am excited to see where else Life as Mum will take me and my family. If you'd like to know more about us, carry on reading.


The Parents
Life as Mum is written by me, Beth. I'm a Welsh Mum of three beautiful children. I fell pregnant with my first at sixteen years old and so motherhood is all I've known since I left (and passed) college. I am a qualified Childcare Worker, and have previously worked in a nursery just before my second was born. However, I am now a new part-time retail sales assistant, as well as a self-employed blogger.

I aim to share my ups and downs and honest thoughts on this website. Whether it's about a tough day of motherhood or a lovely adventure day out with the family. I aim to be real and honest about pretty much anything. I have a huge passion for photography and take great care in capturing photos and editing them. 

I met my partner back in May 2011 and we have been together ever since. We have private rented two houses in the past and now have bought our home for the past 5 years. My partner is a full-time heating engineer and is one fantastic role model to the kids. 

We are just an ordinary family of five taking family life each day as it comes.


The Kids
Mia is the eldest of three. She was born in 2009 and is the one who made me a Mum. She's such a funny little character. She has loving and caring side, but she also has a huge attitude that just stinks. She is a wonderful big sister to her Elliw and Freddie. Although both girls will argue every single day, you can tell their bond is strong I just hope it gets even stronger as they grow older. Mia loves to help around with Freddie and is fantastic with him. She absolutely adores gymnastics, she constantly does handstands and cartwheels, everywhere. She has the same passion for writing as me, every day she will be seen with paper in one hand and a pen in another. She really is a mini version of myself when I was her age.

Elliw is the filling to our sandwich. Born in 2012. She's absolutely hilarious, the faces she pulls and things that she says. Although she has a funny side, she also has a side to her where she just likes to moan, every single day. I would say she's probably the hardest one out of all three, in ways. But I wouldn't change her one bit. She's an amazing little girl, just like her big sister. She's very strong willed and again, a fantastic big sister to her little brother, Freddie. She has started a little passion for writing and role play. 

Freddie is the icing on our cake. Born 2016. He's our first boy and a very lucky little brother to his sisters. He is so loved by every single one of us. He's such a character and so similar to his sisters in his ways. He's coming along perfectly well and is a great bum shuffler! He's the first baby I have breastfed, and it's certainly been a challenge but an amazing experience. 


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