The Perfect Gifts For A New Big Brother/Sister

It doesn't seem like that long ago that I told the girls I was expecting a new baby. There was a bit of mixed reactions, Mia wasn't very happy but Elliw was but she was also a bit confused. She has been the youngest child for 4 years so it is a huge step for her to step from the youngest to the middle child. As the months have come by both girls are super excited about meeting their baby brother. I still don't think Elliw fully understands yet but she is still excited.

I have decided to buy the girls a few things so I can give the presents to them when they come and visit their baby brother for the first time. I have been looking online and at shops and have decided to just go with a t-shirt each which says Big Sister, badges each, some chocolate/sweets and a new toy each. It's not a lot but I know they will appreciate it and get pretty excited too. I just hope it kind of helps them settle a little quicker into welcoming their new baby brother. As I was looking online for gifts, there are so many gifts you can buy new brothers and big sisters.

Shop the gifts:
Big Sister T-shirt
Big Brother/Sister Badge
Big Sister Charm Bracelet
Big Sibling Teddy
Big Brother / Sister Countdown Plaques

Survey Shows Millennials Are Missing Out on Traditions Passed Down Through Generations

Survey Shows Millennials Are Missing Out on Traditions Passed Down Through Generations
It’s no secret the internet has literally changed the way in which we live. Social media has become a huge part of daily life and it isn’t just helping us to keep in touch with friends and family. A new survey has shown that social media has especially taken over the lives of the younger generation. Traditions passed down through the generations are becoming less important; such as knitting, playing outside, sewing and cooking.

How times have changed
The new survey conducted by Deramores Retail Ltd highlights the growing problem of society today. Important skills are being pushed to one side in favour of social media entertainment. You’re more likely to find children today for example, surfing the web and watching funny animal videos, than you are to find them playing outside or learning important life skills.

Grandparents used to play a much more vital role in their grandchildren’s lives, but technology has definitely taken over. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is still important, but there’s no doubt it’s changed over the past decade. However, that doesn’t mean the younger generation aren’t keen to learn from their elders; it just means you have to change the way you teach them.

Using modern technology to pass down traditions
If you can’t beat them join them! If you want to make sure your children or grandchildren are learning important life skills, do it in a way they’ll understand. Deramore has found a way to bring back knitting, offering patterns of the new, yet extremely popular, Clangers series on CBeebies. This has helped encourage not just children, but parents, to want to take up knitting. It’s a great example of how you can use modern trends to help pass down more traditional skills.

Of course, limiting your child’s technology use is also a good idea. Many parents give in and allow their children to use mobile and tablet devices, along with the computer, more than they possibly should. It’s easier as they can stay entertained for hours and in some ways the internet can be educational. However, it’s also important to encourage the younger generation to get outdoors.

You can also set aside one night a week where you cook together. Grandparents can use their time with their grandchildren to teach them recipes. Cooking skills are something that are essential in life and you’d be surprised how much children actually enjoy helping to cook.

Overall traditions have become less important, but many millennials are still keen to learn. By utilising modern technology and restricting social media use, you can better teach these timeless traditions to the younger generation.

Our Stay At Pullman Hotels, Liverpool

After a few months of finding out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to go away for a small break with the partner and girls and I also wanted a break just me and my partner. Our break away with the girls was a night in Llanelli and Cardiff down South Wales. Not long after coming back home from our family break I decided to book a night away down in Liverpool for me and my partner. I searched and searched online for a decent hotel. I then came across a hotel called Pullman. 

Win An Official Euro 2016 Wales T-shirt!

I have been the type of person who's interested in football but watching Wales play in the Euros 2016 it is getting me pretty excited. They lost against England but they still managed to get through to the next round by winning 3-0 against Russia. I must say those games were really exciting and I am crossing everything for them to win against Ireland on the weekend. It really does make me proud of Wales. There are many football fans out there, men, women, young and old. Football is a very popular sport, whether you watch it live or on TV, play it yourself or playing football games online. If your kids love playing online game they can play football on Heads Arena: Euro Soccer and play Wales too.

Is your country in the Euros? Are you excited with the Euros? Here is a great giveaway for those Wales fans. Since I am a Wales supporter and Welsh myself, I thought it would be great to giveaway one official Wales t-shirt to one lucky reader. If you are interested all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below. Please read terms and conditions before entering.

Terms and conditions
- Giveaway ends 2nd of July 2016 at 11.55pm
- The prize is an official Euros Wales t-shirt for one lucky winner
- Please enter the rafflecopter the correct way, any cheating and you will be disqualified
- Winner will be contacted within 48 hours via e-mail

Have You Got Your Summer Wardrobe Ready Yet?

After having rain and the cold weather for a long time I started to get really excited for the sun to come out and getting ready for summer. We have been really lucky that the weather has been warm and lovely for the past few weeks, with the odd rain here and there but not a lot to complain about. When the summer starts it's the time to bring your summer wardrobe out. Pack away those chunky jumpers and get those t-shirts and dresses out.