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ProWater, The High Protein and Low Calorie Drink

I received some bottles of ProWater to try out. ProWater is a high protein and low-calorie drink which comes in three flavours: Blueberry, Red Berries and Citrus Mint. I received the blueberry and red berries to try. I found them appetising and best to drink when chilled. My partner also enjoyed the drinks. ProWater is a great alternative drink to shakes and protein bars that you may see in gyms.

10 Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

During your pregnancy, you will have to decide how you would like to feed your baby. You can feed breastfeeding, express milk in a bottle or formula feeding. I formula fed both my girls and currently breastfeeding my son. I was very lucky that Freddie latched on straight away, even though he has tongue tie. Although breastfeeding is much easier than bottle feeding because you don't have the hassle of sterilising and preparing bottles before you go out. But with breastfeeding some mothers suffer low confidence of feeding in public such as cafes and restaurants. Negative comments and press don't help the situation even though breastfeeding is natural and no one should have a problem with the way you feed your baby.

Freddie George - Behind The Name

One of the most important things to think about during your pregnancy is deciding on a name. To begin with we had no clue what to call our baby when I was pregnant. Elliw is a Welsh name and one thing we both agreed on was not to choose another welsh name. We both sat down one evening and thought about different names for both genders. We didn't come up with a big list but my favourite names for a girl were: Sienna and my partner liked the name Lily. For a boy I fell in love with the name Jac.

7 Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply

As a breastfeeding Mum you want to make sure you're giving your baby the best start in life. In the first few weeks a breastfeeding Mum should try her best to eat the right things to help increase her milk supply. Many worries go through a nursing Mum's mind, such as; "Is baby getting enough milk?", "Is my milk supply low?", "Can I do this?" and so on. It's only natural to think those thoughts, especially if you feel like your baby is constantly stuck on you. But there are other reasons your baby may want to be on you constantly:

Baby Groups and Socialising

I've never been these best at socialising with people I don't know. But when Mia was born, I decided to take myself to a local baby group and I'm glad I did because Mia loved it and I managed to make some friends from the group too. I went to 2 baby groups when Mia was little but stopped when Elliw was born. When Elliw was born I had already moved to the village we currently live at now for about 6 months. It was too far for me to attend the baby groups I had attended with Mia, which was a shame.