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Breastfeeding Must Haves

I've been breastfeeding Freddie for over 7 months now, and it's honestly the best decision I've ever made. While I was pregnant, I was panicking quite a bit as I had no idea what it was going to be like and if I needed anything. I remember the silliest thing I thought about was, how would I breastfeed him during the night? I hate wearing bras during the night, and I found nursing vests and tops expensive, and I didn't fancy spending so much money. Feeding for over 7 months, I've found that I don't need to spend a lot of buys these fancy clothing. But there are some essentials, these are the things I've found as breastfeeding must-haves, in my opinion;

Nursing Pillow - I was in two minds of having one of these. I had read mixed reviews. Some saying yes and some saying they're a waste of money. After using one for 7 months, it's honestly the best thing ever while feeding. I keep our nursing pillow on the side of the sofa, and it gets used each time he has a feed. It's comfortable for him and myself. Your arm can ache pretty quick when feeding, but the nursing pillow helps. Worth buying.

Nursing Bras - I was looking around for some decent priced nursing bras and eventually I bought some brand new ones at an outlet store on Ebay. I bought 4 nursing bras, and they're so comfortable, and they were at an affordable price too. During the first weeks, I was wearing my normal bras, and it was always a struggle pulling the cup of the bra down for each feed. Nursing bras are a must. 

Vests - Lots and lots of vests needed! I have countless amount of vest tops. I bought a few from Primark for around £2.50, and they have been the best vests I bought. They're a long cami dress vest and easy for pulling down when I feed. I also find vest ideal if I'm feeding out and not wanting to show of my belly, I can just pull the vest top down.

Shirts - This may not be a must of everyone, but since breastfeeding, I have bought many shirts. I find them super easy when I need to feed. I hardly wear jumpers or tops as buttoned shirts are just simple to open and close when I'm at home and outdoors. 

Breastfeeding cover {if you are using one} - This is not a must have for everyone. My only reason for buying a breastfeeding cover was because Freddie kept pulling away from me pretty quickly and I'd be flashing. It was for my own comfort that the cover was on me. However, I don't use it very much now. 

Nipple Cream/Lotion - I've used two different types of nipple cream. Lansinoh Lanolin is one make of cream I used, and the other was Mama Baby Bliss nipple lotion. They both worked perfectly well for me. I've stopped using the creams now, but I did use them for around 5 months and a lot during the first couple of months. 

Breast Pads - There are two types of breast pads you can choose from - disposable and re-useable ones. A friend of mine preferred re-useable ones and found them comfortable. I used the Tommee Tippee disposable breast pads which are quite a decent price for 50 pads. I did use a few other makes, but the TT ones were the most comfortable. 

Muslins - I was recommended to use muslins while breastfeeding by a friend. I was given quite a few, and I've used them countless of times within the past 7 months of feeding Freddie. They're great to put under your breast while feeding because the baby can dribble milk out and by putting a muslin cloth under your breast, this stops your clothes getting wet. 

Water and Snacks - I find breastfeeding made me very hungry and extra thirsty. Especially in the first few months where I was feeding Freddie more often. I always made sure I had a glass of diluted juice and some snacks next to me while I was feeding. 

You can buy some must haves here; 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a great way to celebrate near the end of your pregnancy before becoming a new mum. I've never had one, but I would have loved to have had one. It was originally more popular in America, but many people have started to have one in the UK recently too. It's a great way to get everyone together, friends and family before the baby arrives. The Mum-to-be is given many gifts for her and baby just in time for the new arrival. Here are just a few baby shower gift ideas; 

6 Ways I Doubled My Page Views

I had lost my blogging mojo for a while, but for the past few days, I've been working hard on getting some motivation back and getting my stats back to where they were before I lost motivation. Not only have I managed to do that, but I've also actually doubled them. I've gained more followers on Twitter and Instagram too, but I will write that in another post in the next few days.

Our Cosy Living Room

When we first bought our home, nearly three years ago we decided that we wanted the back room to be our main living area. Our two previous private rented houses had long living rooms and that was something I wasn't keen on. My Dad's house had a front and a back room downstairs and this house my partner and I live in now has near the same downstairs layout as my Dad's. As the back room is the smallest room we knew we wouldn't be able to fit many things in there. This is why we decided to add some accessories to make it feel homely and a place we could relax during the evenings when the kids are in bed.

Antipodes Merino Sleeping Bag Review and Giveaway

When I was pregnant with Freddie, I knew I was going to put him into sleeping bags to sleep in during the night. I always found it quite a pain with which tog to put him in, in case he got too cold or too hot. Both girls slept in a sleeping bag too, I find them a lot safer than blankets. Freddie does have a favourite blanket, but I tend to put it near the end of his crib so it can't get to his face during the night.

Walk Down The Cycle Track {The Ordinary Moments}

On Saturday, Mia was in her Dad's and my partner was working all day. Elliw, Freddie and I spent the previous Saturday in the house as the weather was miserable and so I decided that we were to go for a walk this Saturday instead. I asked a friend of mine and her two kids to join us and then come back to mine for lunch. My friend started full-time work in January and she's the friend I used to see on a daily basis on the school run, morning and afternoons, as well as popping to each other's houses for a cuppa. I've never had a friendship like that before. It was nice to feel completely myself. Knowing someone was down the road from me if I wanted a break from my own house or some adult company. The past few weeks have been strange. My Dad comes weekly and so does another friend with her little boy, my nephew and I love seeing them all.