30 Photos In 30 Days

I can not believe May is nearly over and we are coming into June. Where has this year gone? It's going way too fast. June is the last ever month that we will be a family of 4 as in July we will be welcoming Baby boy to the family. I wanted to do something a little different in June and I thought I would try my best and capture at least one photo a day throughout June. I plan to take a photo every day up until they meet their baby brother.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a collage out of it and print every photo out to stick into an album with a picture of the three of them at the end. Something to look back at with all three children. I will also be putting some of these photos up on my Instagram. If you don't follow me on Instagram you can follow me: here.

Did you do anything different in the last month before baby was due?

50 Places To Visit In North Wales

If you are thinking of visiting North Wales anytime soon and stuck on where to go here is a list of 50 recommended places to visit. Even if you live in North Wales, there may be somewhere on this list you haven't visited yet and it may be worth a visit. North Wales has the most beautiful scenery of mountains and trees you are bound to see some breath taking views in most places you visit.

My Beautiful Baby Boy

When I fell pregnant with baby number three October last year, I had no idea what to think. I was mixed with emotions but one things I knew, I wanted the baby. A little baby was growing inside of me, I grew to love this little baby more and more each day. I really wanted to know the gender and so I booked an appointment at a private scan around 14 weeks 5 days, that day was when I found out I was carrying a little boy, my first boy. Still to this day it doesn't seem real. Even when I look in his little room where all his clothes are, I still can't believe it. After having two girls I am finding it difficult to believe that I am having a son.

No words can describe how much love I have for my little boy and he isn't even here yet. I am so excited for him to meet his big sisters and see how my girls are with him but I am also excited for him just to be a part of our family now and make it complete. Watching my bump grow bigger and bigger each week gets me even more excited and even though I feel so uncomfortable and not having a nice pregnancy, I know it will all be worth it.

Being a Mum to two children already really does make the months fly by. I forget that I am pregnant sometimes, especially in the first and through half of the second trimester. It is kind of hard to forget I am pregnant now because baby feels so big and it's so uncomfortable when I sit and walk. But feeling him move {even though it can be painful} makes me so happy and excited. There isn't long now until he is here and I can not wait.

Baby boy will be the last child for me and my partner. We really don't want anymore and as sad as that does make me feel I honestly think it is right choice. I think it is perfect we have had our baby boy to complete. A little boy I have always wanted and now I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant with him. It is mad how fast these months have gone by.

I booked a 4D scan and I am so glad I did. In the room was my partner and two girls. Mia was more interested than Elliw as Elliw was really playing up and wasn't concentrating. I lay down and watched the screen. There he was. My baby boy was on the screen and so clear. He has his big sister {Elliw} and Daddy's nose. He is a spitting image of Elliw and his Daddy which is amazing. I can see a little bit of me and Mia but mostly his Daddy. It was such an amazing experience.

Baby boy has a name but we are not announcing until he is born. He was measuring just over a week ahead, and weighing 4lbs 10oz already. We have another growth scan at our local hospital soon so hopefully he won't be too big. We have had some news about inducing but I have decided to keep that one to myself and close family & friends only. :)

I really can not wait to meet him.

A Family Day In Beaumaris, North Wales

Last Sunday me and my partner took our nephew out for the day. We weren't too sure what we were going to do but in the end we had decided to go out for food in the Antelope Inn and we decided last minute to invite my uncle, cousin and grandparents. We all had a lovely time, especially Elliw, my nephew and cousin. Mia was supposed to be with us on the day but she attended the Race For Life with her Nain on her Dad's side

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