What Freddie Wore: Boys Leggings and Knitted Rompers

When I fell pregnant for the third time and found out I was having a boy, I couldn't wait going out to shop for boys clothing. My nephew, Osian, is always dressed nicely in his leggings and since I saw him wearing leggings, I knew I had to buy some for my own little boy. I've found many Instagram shops which I absolutely love and order quite often from. I do find boys leggings quite pricey but you can get some reasonably priced ones at some Insta shops and from popular shops such as Zara and H&M. NEXT do some too (not a lot, though).

Mama and Belle Teething Necklace and Bracelet Review

I've been breastfeeding Freddie for nearly nine months, and he is forever scratching my chest or grabbing my bracelets on my wrists. Even when we have cuddles. Mama + Belle is run by a Mum who wanted to design some teething jewellery that Mums would want to wear regardless of its purpose - a teething necklace/bracelet. Every single design on Mama + Belle is gorgeous. It took me a while to decide which one we wanted. I finally decided to go for the Isla Blossom Teething Necklace, and Suzy also sent me the Amelia Nude Quartz Marble Teething Bangle which I absolutely love.

Appreciating Life

When I grew up, I used to go many places. My Dad used to take my brother and me to different locations nearly every weekend. I remember most of our childhood memories and I want my kids to remember us taking them out, spending some quality family time and making memories of our own. On Saturday, Mia was in her Dad's and my partner, Elliw, Freddie and I went to Llanberis. One of my favourite places to visit but a place I don't visit often. I've got many memories there from my childhood. When we were walking, I realised everything looked different, but it was still nice making new memories with my own children. I'm finding it hard at the moment that Mia is in her Dad's every single Saturday, which means she misses out on many family times with us, which I think I may try and change it and sort something else out, so she doesn't miss out anymore.

I've found life pretty tough recently. Family life has been hard, and so has motherhood. It's days like this which brings us all closer together and appreciate each other a little more. Freddie and Elliw were well behaved, all day. Elliw is usually the hardest one out of the three, but she was amazingly well behaved. The sun was shining, blue skies and many other families were out enjoying themselves too. It was a last minute plan, and it has been one of the best days this year, so far.

Also, Freddie crawled for the first time!

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The SpaceCot Review

I remember when the girls were younger and the hassle it was folding, unfolding and carrying a heavy travel cot to their grandparents to stay over if my partner and I were going out for the night. I remember getting so annoying at not being able to fold the cot back to keep it. When I was asked if I wanted to review the SpaceCot, I was really interested to see what was so different in this travel cot compared to any other travel cots. When the SpaceCot arrived, I was overly shocked by the size of the box that it came in. It wasn't that heavy, and in fact, it only weighs 6kg. I was looking forward to unboxing the cot and see what it was like unfolded and to see if it actually folded and unfolded in just a few seconds, as they advertise.

Freddie's 9 Month Update

Writing that post title made me sad. Nine whole months. How? When?! My sweet baby boy is nine months already. I didn't even go a full nine months of pregnancy, so it actually means he's officially been out longer than he was inside of me - if that makes sense? Just a little strange thought I had the other day. Anyway, back to the update. It's unreal how fast time is going. I honestly do think it's mainly because I have the two girls. We're constantly doing something every single day, which can be exhausting but it's the way of life. This time last year I was around 25 or 26 weeks pregnant, getting all excited about meeting our baby boy. It truly has been the best nine months, ever. Although it would be nice to have maybe one more baby, I know Freddie is our last, and he does make me feel as if our family is complete now. He has filled that missing piece. I couldn't imagine having another baby now.

I Was Nervous To Be A Breastfeeding Mum

When I was pregnant with Freddie, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed, but I had no idea how it all worked. I didn't know how they latched on, I had no idea about the cluster feeding, mastitis, how often they feed, I knew nothing. If I'm honest, I was scared. I regret not breastfeeding my second but then yet again, I fell into deep depression from 30 weeks pregnant, and I'm still not 100% now, but I'm nowhere near as bad I was, thankfully. I had two friends that I could ask questions to about breastfeeding, but I wanted a few more views and experiences. I decided to join a group on Facebook. It was a breastfeeding group, and I was nervous joining in because after reading some posts, I knew they were all pro-breastfeeding. Why was I nervous? I formula fed both my girls.