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My Little Boy {The Ordinary Moments}

I feel so sad writing this post. Never did I think I would be a Mam to a little boy. I never thought I would have a son as I always thought I'd just have my two girls and I thought that was it. But no. My Freddie came along. It took 16 long days to get that positive test as every test I took came back negative and even the doctors blood test came back negative. I was full of worries and even starting to think there was something else wrong but on that 16th day, on a Monday, I just had that 'feeling' that strange feeling that I knew someone was growing inside of me. A couple of hours later, I had that positive test in my hand. Mixed feelings such as shock and excitement.

Just Another Linky | 27th August

Happy Saturday, again! This week has flown by. I hope you all had a great week. I turned 24 on Monday but didn't do nothing to celebrate. I stayed home with my kids and a friend came over to see me which was nice. This week has been up and down for me but hoping for a better week to come. I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend! Can't wait to read all your posts.

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Baby Basket - What's Inside?

When you've just given birth the last thing you want to do is go up and downstairs getting the baby a new nappy, clothes or getting the creams. This is one of the reasons I decided to fill up a basket before Freddie arrived and I keep the basket in the living room. It has been so handy and I did the same thing with Mia and Elliw when they were babies too. It saves me having to go upstairs or into another room each time I needed something for them.

The Crowd2Fund IFISA Allows Families To Diversfy Their Investment Strategy In A Post Brexit Environment.

The UK’s decision to vote for Brexit on 23 June was unexpected. In the interim, the pound has fallen to a thirty-year low, the UK has been downgraded by two different credit ratings agencies, and the FTSE 250 has suffered. It is unclear what the repercussions are and whether they will be long or term. 

This uncertainty calls for a new investment strategy. In order to counter any bumps and unexpected turns the markets take families are encouraged to diversify their investments in order to have a balanced portfolio to counter any potential risks.

The current economic outlook makes it look likely that interest rates will be slashed even lower than the historic 0.5% rate, which they have been set at since 2009. In order to beat inflation, approximately 3%, families will need to take their cash out of banks, and many high savings bank accounts, in order for their assets to not deteriorate in value.

Additionally, the cost of living is increasing as are many essentials for families such as school fees. The Good Schools Guide recently revealed that it now costs £16,500 a year to send a child to a private school in London. This is an increase of more than 20% over the last five years, and easily outstrips inflation and the minimal growth of the average salaries.

One effective way to counter against this perfect storm is through the implementation of the Government’s new innovative finance ISA, or IFISA. Introduced in April of this year, it differs to the standard ISA product as it allows savers to invest money on P2P platforms which are then lent out to third party businesses.  

In simple terms, this allows investors to lend money to credit worthy businesses seeking debt funds. Crowd2Fund, one of only a handful of IFISA products on the market allows savers to enjoy gross returns of up to around 8%. Within Crowd2Fund’s IFISA investors are able to invest in a number of growing and exciting British businesses, with the addition of enjoying tax free returns.

In order to diversify, and spread the chance of risk, families are encouraged to invest in a number of different sectors. Current opportunities on the platform include Genpower, an award winning distributor of power equipment, and Genie9, an innovative provider of cloud data storage backup services.

Crowd2Fund also have an ios and Android app, which means you can even review opportunities and invest on your phone whilst you are on the school run.

As well as utilising the current year’s ISA allowance, currently £15,240, investors are able to move historic holdings in third party providers into Crowd2Fund’s IFISA. This is a very easy process, and families would be wise to do this if funds are held in cash ISA’s due to low returns which they currently offer.

When doing this it is important that you do not fall foul of losing your tax wrapper. For simple instructions how to do this securely read the instructions on Crowd2Fund’s website.

Taking action now will help counter against future uncertainty and risk from Brexit, and will help you prepare and safeguard for your family’s future.

* Written by Crowd2Fund *

My Three Sweet Babies

Although Freddie is 5 weeks old now I am still trying to get used to certain things on being a Mum of 3. I still find myself saying 'my girls' instead of 'my children' as I'm not just a mum to my girls anymore, I'm a mum to my little boy too. The past 5 weeks has been amazing but it hasn't been easy. I recently wrote a post on how I feel and if I am honest I am hoping these next couple of weeks go pretty quickly so we can get back into routine but I do plan to make some more memories with the girls before they start school.