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Breastfeeding and Teeth

I knew I wanted to try breastfeeding Freddie, from the moment I found out I was pregnant. In fact, I had always said that if I ever had another baby, then I would try breastfeeding. Not once have I regretted my decision. I honestly have never thought about stopping until I got badly bit. I hadn't thought about how feeding was going to be once Freddie had teeth, but he had his first tooth at around four months old. He's now eight months old and has a full set of front teeth, top and bottom. He has 7 teeth all together and another 2 or 3 cutting through.

It's OK To Be Selfish Sometimes

I used to be this girl who was always joking, always happy and just took everything day by day. I'm not saying that I'm not happy now. Of course, I am. But it's tough. There are days where I wish I could turn back time so I can be me for a few hours. I can't remember the last day I was by myself, with no kids. I was so excited to visit Bluestone again. I felt like it was something we all needed, as a family. No routine. No school morning runs. No work. Just having quality time - all five of us. We all had such an amazing time. I can't actually say there was a bad day or a stressful day because there wasn't.

Easy Ways To Save Money When You Do Your Food Shop

Having kids can raise your weekly or monthly food shop a lot. On average, we spend around £100 per week on food. That doesn't include our trips to the local shop during the week for top ups. However, there are many weeks we can get the food shop down to around £60-£70. This is when I follow the tips below. It really has helped us, and I need to stick to it more often. When you've got kids, ever single penny counts.

5 Family Breaks in Wales

Something that my partner and I love doing is travelling around and taking the kids to different places. One of my goals is for my kids to have memories of us taking them to different locations, in the UK and abroad. We've only been abroad with them once but we are planning to go more often when Freddie is a little older. We've had a few family breaks in Wales and we've always enjoyed ourselves. 

Times I've Needed Money Fast

We're a Mum and Dad to three kids. We have a mortgage on the house and so we are paying for everything that needs paying. However, we've never had any help in our previous houses we lived in either. Many things have happened here in the past 3 years and times have been tough with money. I wouldn't like to know how much money we've spent to repair and replace things in our home. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and the unexpected always happens at the wrong times. I find everything comes in three's which is quite a pain, and so expensive. 

'Goodnight Little Freddie' - My Fairy Tale Books Review

I used to read a bedtime story book to the girls every single night up until I fell pregnant with Freddie. I am slowly getting back into the routine of reading a story each night to them as I used to really enjoy it and it was a time of a one-to-one bonding too. It was good for me and them. The girls have so many books and my favourite kind of books are personalised ones. I find personalised books are the kind of books you can keep until they are older. It's just a personal book, to you and your child. My girls absolutely love reading books that include their name.