Me and Mine {July}

It doesn't seem that long ago that I wrote my last Me and Mine post. I have been looking forward for this month's Me and Mine post for a very long time as I knew my little boy, Freddie, was going to be with us. My induction date was the 18th of July but he was born on the 16th of July. The past couple of weeks have flown by and has been pretty amazing. I still can't believe I have my little with us. He really has completed our family.

Breastfeeding The First Two Weeks

When I found out I was pregnant last October the first thing I knew that I wanted to do was to breastfeed. I knew this was going to be my last baby. I had formula bottle fed both my girls and never really thought about breastfeeding until after my second. I really wanted to try it out and just have the experience of breastfeeding. I was quite worried all the way through my pregnancy as I had hardly no information about breastfeeding during my pregnancy and I didn't know much about it either. I was also worried that either I wasn't able to do it or he wouldn't be able to latch on.

How To Find Your Perfect Hobby

For some people, their hobby finds them at an early age and they continue it into adulthood – some even turn it in to a profession. But, if you don’t have a hobby and want one, deciding which one to do can be difficult – especially as you get older.

But, your new passion is out there somewhere just waiting for you to discover it and you won’t know until you try, so here are a few ways you can find your perfect hobby.

Three Ways To Prepare For a Road Trip With Kids

A few weeks ago, I wrote about when we took Mia and Elliw to Llanelli for a little break. I wanted them to have a holiday before the baby arrives, but more than anything, I love taking them to new places and creating memories with them. I’ve always wanted to give them the very best in life that I can, and taking them on adventures means so much to me.

6 Finishing Touches to Add Value to Your Home

Are you trying to improve the value of your home? Here are six finishing touches you should pay attention to if you want your home to be worth as much as possible!

1. Spruce up the front door
First, bear in mind that prospective buyers (or even just passers by) are making their first impressions on your home from the outside. Repaint your front door so that it looks fresh and clean, or replace it if it’s looking really worn. Update your handles, locks and letterbox with something new so that it’s untarnished and classy. And finally, switch up your door number to a new design or typography as doing so will instantly add sophistication and make your home look more expensive.

2. Freshen up the bathroom
You shouldn’t waste lots of money on completely renovating the bathroom, but it’s important to remember that people perceive higher value when the bathroom is sparkling clean. So, aside from obvious must-do’s such as giving it a thorough scrub, buy a new toilet seat and cover so that it looks like a brand new utility. Also, hang soft, plush towels in the neutral colours on your towel rack, and add a high quality candle to make the bathroom feel ‘spa like’.

3. Don’t forget your door handles
If you’ve invested in high quality finishes like beautiful flooring and sturdy doors, it would be a shame to skimp on finishing touches. A switch of your current door knobs or interior doors handles in favour of something more sophisticated and stylish is a great idea: door handles from Ken’s Yard will upgrade the look and feel of your home, helping to push up its value.

4. Make your garden feel private
A tidy, well-cared for garden can add a great deal of value to your property, particularly if you’ve designed it so that there are dedicated areas for eating, recreation, leisure and entertaining. However, a sense of privacy is what will really add some extra money on to the asking price for your home, so consider erecting fences, hedges or trees to shield your outdoor space from prying eyes.

5. Improve your kitchen cabinets
Kitchens are often cited as being the heart of the home, which is why it’s so important that yours doesn’t let you down. Save your cash by leaving the current cabinets and appliances in place, taking a tin of paint to the woodwork to make the cupboards look like brand new fixtures. Replace tired handles with something more polished and add crown molding – doing so will make your cabinets look taller, classier and more expensive.

6. Restore old features

Finally, if you’ve got enough budget available, consider restoring or replacing the original features in your property. For instance, spruce up your living room by restoring an original fireplace if you have one, and strip back boring carpets to reveal beautiful hardwood flooring beneath. These kinds of features are fashionable at the moment and will certainly add value to your home!