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How To Put Together a Photo Album

I always like to look back and reflect whenever a New Year comes around. I like to go through my old posts and pick my favourites, but also see what memories they remind me of that I’d completely forgotten about.

Breastfeeding - 6 Month Update

I am so proud that I have been breastfeeding for 6 whole months. I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Although I knew that I wanted to breastfeed, I was extremely nervous because I literally had no clue about breastfeeding. I had no idea how much it hurt, how I would feel, how I would be feeding out in public if there were certain things I needed to know, how much they fed and so on. So many questions were going through my head and I was lucky that one of my close friends breastfed her baby (my nephew), so I had a few answers from her. I was disappointed that I wasn't given any advice from midwives.

Tips To Save Money This Year

January is a hard time with money for many of us after spending so much for Christmas. We have to spend wisely and many new years resolutions are to save money better than you did last year. It doesn't always have to be that hard to save money, there are many ways you can save money through the year, and you may not even see it unless you add it up at the end of the year. Here are just a few ways you can save money this year;

Freddie's 6 Month Update

How am I even writing this? It doesn't seem that long ago that I announced Freddie's birth. Time has gone by so quickly, and I can't believe my last baby, my first little boy is 6 months old already. How is that even possible? It makes me feel sad that he is growing and growing each day, but I'm also so happy and feel so lucky that I get to spend every single day with him, at home. Freddie is by far the hardest baby I've had out all 3, but I honestly wouldn't change a thing (maybe a bit more sleep, though?).

Breastfeeding Mama Series - My Mummys World

Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself (how many kids, about your family and blog etc)
Hi, I’m Zoe a mother of two and blog over at My Mummy’s World. I’ve an older boy who is approaching five and a younger daughter who is 18 months, which is whom I breastfed and still do.