Mia's Frozen Themed Party List

I'm so excited for Christmas this year, but before that it is Mia's 5th Birthday on the 5th of December! I'm really excited and I cant wait to see her face. I've been trying to think what we can do for her birthday. I wanted something different so I have decided to have a small birthday party at home on the Sunday which will be 2 days after her birthday. I really hope she will like it! I am only inviting 10 children so hopefully it will be less stress. I've booked a 'Glitz Pamper' for them and going to try and make the room as 'frozen' as I can! I've bought a few bits and bobs as you can see in the photo above and the links below. As usual/normal I will be doing a 'family' tea party for her on the actual day of her birthday.
The only present I have so far for her is the Elsa Dress. She already has one but it is too small. I will be going to chester this week on Friday until Saturday so I will find a present for her there!

What did you do for you child's birthday party?

1. Elsa Dress.
2. Square Paper Plates.
3. Frozen Table Cover.
4. BOGOF Personalised Frozen Banner.
5. Frozen Sticker Party Filler.
6. Fairy Cake Toppers.
7. Personalised Thank You Stickers.
8. Blue Party Bags.
9. Frozen Badges Party Bag Filler.
10. Snowflake Ceiling Hanging Decorations.

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  1. Oh wow! It sounds like she will have the best party!!


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