Women's Party Dresses.

Blue Sequin Dress || Grey Swing Dress || V Neck Black Skater Dress || Black & White Jumpsuit || Black Bodycon Dress

Another year has flown by! Mad Friday is coming in the next few days, a night were all the working men and women can let their hair down! Unforuently I don't work anymore, I work from home with Avon and my Blog work, however I wont be going out as I really cant stand going for a night out when it is full. I haven't been out for quite a long time and I do miss it but I would rather not make myself skint through the week.
The dresses and shoes I have chosen above is what I would love to wear on a night out near Christmas time. They're all glamorous and Christmassy don't you think? But also something you could wear through next year too. I really don't like buying clothes and never able to wear them again so I try to find something I will be able to wear more than once.
Will you be going out this Christmas?

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  1. Love the dresses :) I don't feel comfortable in any shape dresses other than the one I wore when we went for a few drinks xx


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