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 Datevitation is a company from Los Angeles. At the moment, they only ship to the US and Canada but they have had many requests from people in the UK. Datevitation sent me a Datevitation Gift Book to see how long it would take to arrive here, in the UK. It only took 14 days to arrive here. I was pretty shocked when it arrived, as I wasn't expecting it so soon!

The Datevitation Gift Book came in this cute, good quality envelope with the words 'surprise!' on the front. I was really pleased with the quality of the Gift Book. It's not your usual flimsy Gift Book, it's good quality card.

I chose the 'sample' gift book. I was really pleased with it. On the first page it reads, 'There are 3 steps to happiness: 1. You. 2. Me. 3. Together! Here's a bunch of fun dates for us to do together. Happy times ahead!' There is a dotted line on each page where you can rip a page from the book, easily. There are a number of pages in the gift book.

There are all kinds of different Gift Books you can order. From kids to adults. Over 500 date ideas. Prices start from $25.

You can visit Datevitation here.

* I was sent this item free of charge in return of an honest review. As usual, all words and images are my own.
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  1. How cute is that, fingers crossed they bring it over to the UK properly then as it looks a great idea!

  2. Aw thats cute. What a lovely idea. Love anything to do with keeping the spark. #TriedTested


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