Mummy & Me | July

I honestly can not believe it is July!
A whole month has flown by.
We are in the Summer Holidays now.
We started the holidays with a great weekend away.
I managed to get a photo with two of my little princesses.
The past month you both have made mammy happy, sad, teary, stressed and mad!
Mia you're going through a stage of attitude
Elliw you are still going through terrible 2's/naughty 3's
Even though you can both drive me so nuts at times
I love you both too pieces.
Love you xxx


  1. Gorgeous photos, I love how blonde you all are! xx

  2. Aww love this photo of you three! I can't believe it's July either xxx

  3. Awww such a cute photo! I agree, this month has just flown by! xx

  4. What a lovely photo of you all. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays! xx

  5. Gorgeous picture. Love your words, so very true xx


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