Sunday, 27 September 2015

Christmas Bargains For Kids

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for most families. Most of us always try to keep to a certain budget but most of the time we always go over our budgets. For the next few weeks I am going to help you by letting you all know about some bargains I have found online. There will be Christmas bargains for babies, kids, women, men and a mix of other things. Christmas shouldn't be a time to stress about money problems so I hope you find these bargain posts useful.

Here are the links:
My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks Doll £5.99 (plus £1.28 delivery)
Sofia & Friends Figures Free delivery on orders over £20.
Fur Real Friends Butterscotch Walking Pony £15.99 (Free delivery on orders over £20)
My Little Pony Activity Pad £1.94 (Free delivery)
Magical Tea Set Rainbow Cake (54 pieces! for only £8.99 and Free delivery)
Wooden Kitchen £20.99 (£4.95 delivery)
Snow White Dress Up £5.65 (Free delivery over £20)

Here are the links:
Toy Story Wrex Figure £4.49 (Free delivery on orders over £20)
Star Wars Flash Speeder £25.54 (Free delivery)
Star Wars Command £6.99
8 Pack of Cars £1.35 (Free delivery)

Here are the links:
Little Tykes Coupe Car £32.84 (Free delivery)
Scuttlebug £18.24 (Free delivery over £20)
iRobot Puppy Dog £9.99 (Free delivery)
2-in-1 Activity Table £34.99 (£4.95 delivery)
Minion Watch & Wallet Pack £3.83 (Free delivery)
Star Night Light £0.94 (Free delivery)

Here are the links:
Connect 4 £6.66 (Free delivery over £20)
Minnie Bow Toons Giant Foam Floor Jigsaw £4.50 (£3.15 delivery)
Egg Shapes £1.19 (£1.00 delivery)
Warships £6.95

* Please note that this post was written on 27th September 2015. These bargains may not last long. If you find that the prices have changed please feel free to let me know by e-mailing me at, so I can edit and change the price to let everyone else know too please.

Christmas on a budget with Life-As-Mum has started. I can't wait to share many more Christmas bargains with you all in the next coming week. There will soon be a linky you can all join in with and share your bargain finds with everyone.


  1. Ohh! Thank you! These are great ideas! Some great bargains!
    I've added the Minion Watch to my Amazon basket! :D x

  2. Ahhh I so need to get sorted for christmas! I always struggle to get in the mood this early but with a little one in tow this year i really do need to pull my socks up! thanks for the reminder #justanotherlinky


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