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Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey Update #3

If you are following my weight loss journey, you might of realised that I haven't written an update for over a two weeks. This was because I never went to group 2 weeks as it is was my partners birthday and we were out. I went to group last Wednesday and unfortunately I did have a gain. I was a little gutted but I knew why I had a gain.

The past 2-3 weeks I haven't really been 100% on plan. I've been eating whatever I fancy because my stomach turns with certain things. The past few days the weather has helped and put me in a better mood, but I need to get motivated to start cooking from scratch again, instead of having the easy sandwiches or packet of crisps!

Last week I gained 3.5lbs which I was a little disappointed but I was also really happy because I thought I would have gained about half a stone! So 3.5lbs isn't too bad in two weeks is it?! I know this week is going to be a gain too but I have written out my food plan for the next few days, so hopefully that will help me to keep motivated.

Now that I have gained 3.5lbs, I do have a big more weight to loose to reach my target, but hopefully I can do it! The weather seems to be getting nicer and brighter, so I am crossing everything that I will be 100% motivated soon.


  1. it must be tricky trying to monitor what is baby weight gain and what is from food. I just had to make sure that I could still wear my regular jeans (done up with a bump band, though). then i knew my legs weren't getting any bigger haha

  2. AWww, keep going and you will get there. Like you say, now the weather is starting to perk up it means you can go for walks and enjoy the outside :)

    Gemma xx

  3. Good luck to you managing your weight during pregnancy. I have been following the Slimming World plans with my husband during this pregnancy and at 32 weeks, I'd only put on a stone. I'm pretty happy with that x

  4. The weather makes such a difference, it's easier to eat lighter in the warmer months and being able to get out and about and walk. You'll get there. X

  5. Good luck with managing your weight with pregnancy. It must be tough to separate what is from food and what is from baby. Plus when you feel rubbish and there are only certain foods you want to eat xx

  6. Completely admire your reasons for trying to stay healthy during pregnancy. Stay motivated you can do it! xx

  7. Hopefully as the weather starts to get warmer and nicer you'll be able to venture out more for some long walks, etc. Good luck :D

    Laura x

  8. I couldn't possibly think about losing weight when pregnant! You're amazing for giving it a go. I'm heading straight to weight watchers once baby boy is here. After Lamb I lost 2 stone in 4 months xx

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