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Me and Mine {March}

March has flown by hasn't it? I am literally counting the months now. Right at the start of my pregnancy because I found out so early on and there was so much stress to what was exactly happening it was going extremely slow. But for the past two months I have felt like this pregnancy is flying by. I am glad the girls are on their Easter holidays now because they always seem to go a little faster which means time is going faster to meet our little boy.

At the start of the month our littlest, Elliw turned four years old. That was the day I made my first ever proper vlog which you can check out my YouTube Channel here. We spent her birthday at a playcentre which she loves and the day before we went out for a meal with my partners aunty and uncle. Her birthday was different this year because not much family was around on her birthday as they were all away but she still really enjoyed herself.

The girls are getting so excited to meet their baby brother and this is the month where they have really shown their excitement and feelings. The amount of times they have come up to me and gave bump a kiss and a cuddle is so adorable. As well as talking about him so many times. With just over 3 months to go it's getting so exciting.

The weather hasn't been too bad during March except for the Easter holidays where it's been raining one minute and sunshine the next. I was really looking forward to the Easter holidays because it meant my partner would have a very long weekend to spend with and although it didn't go to plan, we still had a lovely weekend. The weather on Good Friday was so lovely and we decided to have a family day out before Mia spent the weekend at her Dad's. You can read about our Easter Good Friday outing here. That is the day I managed to capture our best family photo for this month. My partner isn't a great one for taking photos and can get pretty moody if I ask often (haha!) so I just tend to ask him every few months but I am going to try my best to take a photo every single month from now on and join in with Me and Mine more often.


  1. I also can't believe it's already April. How exciting that the girls are looking forward to meeting the baby. Little man keeps asking us for another one, hopefully soon! :)

  2. This year is literally flying by, i don't know how we can be in April already. I think it's so sweet that the girls are excited and eager to meet their new sibling, they're going to make wonderful big sisters. xx

  3. Ha! Same of in our household. Husbands can be so moody. This month's photo didn't go to plan for us either but we got one in the end, that's the main thing! I love your photos, you all look great xx

  4. Beautiful family photo. Great idea getting one every month, I should really start doing the same.

  5. Ooh exciting that this is the month!!! I need to get more photos of the four of us together, or even just me and the boys I always seem to be behind the camera x

  6. My third pregnancy went so fast. How exciting that you haven't got long to wait now.

  7. I love the first photo and I bet the girls are so excited about meeting their baby brother- I know my girls are! Not long now for you at all. xx

  8. So hard to get good family pics- we need to do more! We also have two girls and a boy (10,7 & 4), when our boy was born, he was literally waited on by his sisters- they would do everything for him! It's so cute when they are so close, though they can fight like cat's and dog's now on occasion!!! xx

  9. Ah lovely photos and yes March absolutely stormed by! It's crazy how fast it went. xx

  10. I know what you mean about pregnancy flying by, I really want time to slow down so I can enjoy it as it's probably my last. My husband used to get really grumpy about me taking Me and Mine pictures but he just accepts it now as I've been doing it since last July now! Xx

  11. I was sooo tired in the third trimester of my last pregnancy - I feel for you! #justanotherlinky


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