#BestTimesCaptured - Week 1

If you're a regular reader of my blog or follow me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you may have realised that I started an Instagram hashtag a few weeks ago called #BestTimesCaptured. POPBOOK and I have teamed up together and POPBOOK is now sponsoring the hashtag which is amazing. The first week hasn't been too bad but I do hope for a lot more supporters from next week.

If you haven't read the update then you can read it here. Whoever uses the hashtag #BestTimesCaptured will be in the chance of winning a free photo book from POPBOOK. There will be a new winner each week and this will be running for 3-6 months, depends how well the hashtag does, so I would love your support. This is open for bloggers and non bloggers. Aswell as showing my favourite photo {the winner} I will be showing 3 of my favourite photos too.

A photo posted by Mrs H (@mrs_hs_fav_things) on

Just how adorable is he?! Freddie and this little cutie aren't that far apart in age. I am in love with the colours of the blanket and the rainbows on his sweet babygrow.

I love black and white photos. I thought this photo was captured perfectly and there's just something about this photo that makes it perfect.

A photo posted by Sabrina (@themummystylist) on

Just look at that face! How sweet and adorable is she?!

A photo posted by Steph (@raisingemilyx) on

I am in love with this photo. I was brought up by my Dad, so this photo is just amazing. It just shows that Dads really are amazing parents - just like us mama's. A perfect photo showing a Daddy and Daughter love.

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