Baby Groups and Socialising

I've never been these best at socialising with people I don't know. But when Mia was born, I decided to take myself to a local baby group and I'm glad I did because Mia loved it and I managed to make some friends from the group too. I went to 2 baby groups when Mia was little but stopped when Elliw was born. When Elliw was born I had already moved to the village we currently live at now for about 6 months. It was too far for me to attend the baby groups I had attended with Mia, which was a shame.

I fell into depression and suffered with anxiety after having Elliw and it changed me as a person. I didn't leave the house much and I didn't feel confident enough to go to a baby group with a newborn and a toddler. Another reason was because I wasn't quite sure if they would allow a toddler into a baby group. I have never been great at socialising with people I don't know and it had worsen after I had Elliw, which made it a lot more difficult to go to baby groups.

I really regret my decision of never taking Elliw to a baby group and that is when I decided to take Freddie to any kind of baby group I find local. My Health Visitor had mentioned that there was baby massage group in our local village every Monday, so I decided to go. For the past 3 weeks something has come up each time, but we managed to go this week and we both really enjoyed ourselves. A friend and her two babies also came which made me feel less anxious and nervous.

They were doing a massage on their legs this week and Freddie was so content. I couldn't get over how relaxed he was. He started to get quite grumpy after a while, so I sat him on my knee and decided massage his feet and legs from there. After the massage was finished, we all had a chat, a cuppa and just let the babies do what they wanted. Freddie eventually fell asleep on the mat which was adorable.

I decided to give him a massage on his legs again during the evening before bed and it really helped to calm him down. He smiled so many times at me whilst I was doing it. He seemed so relaxed and I can not wait to attend the next baby massage class.

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