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I've recently updated all three kids wardrobes. It's been quite an expensive one but I've managed to grab myself a few bargains which have saved me a lot of money in the long run. I used to be able to buy one size of clothing for the girls to share as they both fit perfectly in the size between them, but I can't really get away with that anymore. So I'm seeing myself buying them a lot of matching clothes and we're finally filling Mia's side with age 8, which feels strange. I still can't believe she will be 8 years old in December, it's crazy how fast time has flown by. Freddie is currently in age 12-18 months but with some things he's slowly starting moving to 18-24 months and I'm already starting to fill a box full of 18-24 months clothing which again is scary as the next size up is 2-3 years. These kids are growing up way too quick for my liking.

In the photo above, Freddie is wearing: Bobble hat from NEXT, Denim jacket from VERY and Mustard joggers from NEXT. 

In the photos above, Freddie is wearing: Dungarees set from NEXT 

Shoes from the sale in Morrisons, £4 ; bargain!

In the photo above, Freddie is wearing; Top from NEXT, Leggings from ZARA and Trainers from Morrisons 

In the photo above, I am wearing; Cardigan from PRIMARK and T-shirt from YOURDESIGN. Elliw is wearing; Coat from NEXT.

In the above photos, Elliw's whole outfit, including the shoes are from NEXT

In the above photo, Elliw is wearing a top from LaRedoute matched with a denim dress from NEXT 

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  1. I love the marvel shoes and what a bargain you got them for. Next clothes are very popular in our house to, i love their current autumn winter range. I think my favourite outfit has to be the bobble hat and joggers, such perfect colours for this time of year.


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