Why I Want To Lose Weight Whilst Pregnant

I am not quite sure that friends and family understand why I really want to lose weight during this pregnancy. Or other people! With my previous pregnancies I literally ate for two! It was wrong, because I faced the consequences at the end. I gained 7 stone with my first and even though I lose more than half of that gained weight a few months after I had Mia, I went to gain 2-3 stone during my second pregnancy.

I have many people who are shocked or even question me to why I want to lose weight whilst pregnant and I thought this post may cover their questions.

I have always had trouble with my weight. It really gets me down. Many days of the week I stand in front of the mirror and think how disgusting I look. I even wonder why my partner is with someone like me. I lost 3 and a half stone in 2014/2015 and I think to myself why in the world did I let my self put it all (nearly) back on? Why did I let myself go? I was happy and proud of myself. I actually started to like how I looked.

Although, I really want to lose weight, like badly. I do find it quite hard to keep motivated all the time. Doesn't make sense does it? You'd think that someone who badly wants to loose weight, that they can keep focussed and keep their mind at it until (and after) they reached their target. But that's not the case. Not for me anyway. I do struggle and I am not scared to admit that.

Before I had my first daughter I weighed a healthy 9 stone 7 and a half pounds. I was a size 10/12 and happy. I would love to get back that, but at the moment I am aiming to be in the 10 stone somewhere. Ideally aiming to be back into size 12. Although I have gained weight last week and probably again this week, this post is making me feel really motivated in starting fresh again. I have to loose weight for many reasons such as -

- My health
- My baby and two daughters
- To get more energy
- To feel happy about myself again

They are my personal reasons to why I want to loose weight and why it is important to me. It really puts me down when I think about the reasons I gained weight in my last pregnancies. My reason was 'I'm pregnant', like I had to gain weight. That is not what I need to hear or use this time round. I want to be able to run around with my kids and especially having 3 kids to look after at the end of July, I think it is really important for me to get my head down and just loose this weight and never put it back on!

Did you ever lose weight during pregnancy?


  1. I am totally the same I gained weight having children and I always try and lose it. I seem to lose a few stone then I seem to self destruct and put it all back on. I actually lost two stone in the last few months of my second pregnancy ( due to having gallstones and being scared to eat anything fatty) It didn't harm my baby as she was 8.2lb and healthy and I recovered a lot quicker then I did in my next pregnant where I gained 4 stone and ended up with high blood pressure. I wish you lots of luck in finally getting to a weight your happy with after you have baby xx

  2. It's so hard isn't it? I remember starting to panic a bit when the scales tipped a certain number, even thought I was pregnant with the twins. As long as you're eating healthily — and it doesn't harm the baby — I can see why you'd want to lose weight during pregnancy, although I really don't think you need to!! :)

  3. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. It's hard because you give in to cravings and you end up with food aversions so eat what you want instead of what's best. I really struggled post birth with liking my body and accepting it. It's taken me two years I suppose to be comfortable with it an know that with a second baby I'll be much more conscious over what I eat and how much weight I put on. x

  4. I also gained 3-4 stone with my first and made sure the second time round i wouldn't and kept a very active lifestyle .. i only gained a stone and she weighed nearly 8 lbs!!
    Good luck I'm sure you'll do great!

  5. Oh bless you. I don't think you should have to explain yourself to other people, if it would make you happier to lose weight then sod them! Good luck x

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  7. I've never thought about losing weight during pregnancy, and I've never been pregnant so that's probably why. Friends though have lost weight - often in the earlier days when it can be rough, but either way you shouldn't need to justify yourself as long as you and the baby are healthy.

  8. Great post Beth, you shouldn't have to explain yourself to anyone you know what you are doing. I can completely see what you mean, I too put on far too much during my pregnancies. I agree as long as you eat healthy and a balanced diet and don't go hungry you are not harming the baby. x

  9. I lost weight with my 2nd & 3rd but life afterwards being so hectic has meant it has climbed back on. There is only you walking your journey so don't let other people affect your decisions - you sound like you are making sensible plans for your weight loss. Best of luck with it x

  10. I completely understand! I gained ALOT with our eldest and second time round I ate so well and did gentle exercise and I only put on 9lb! I agree also, as long as you eat a healthy balanced diet and don't starve yourself baby will be happy too :-) (I don't think you need to loose anything though!) xxxx

  11. I think as long as you do it in a healthy and safe way then good for you, sometimes just writing it all down really does help you stay on track and keep you motivated. Best of luck hope you reach your goal xx

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