Let’s quit! How to make stopping smoking a little easier

Congratulations on deciding to kick your smoking habit to the curb. You're probably already looking forward to better skin, better-smelling clothes, better teeth (and breath), along with a much healthier lifestyle in general.

Whether you’ve only just embarked on your quitting journey or you’re currently several weeks in, you’re probably aware of how difficult and challenging quitting smoking can be. Hopefully, you’ve already reached out to you GP and gotten some help from them, or you may have joined some support groups or asked your family to support you. But what else can you do to make things a little easier?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of other ways you can embrace your quitting journey and finally quit cigarettes for good. Read on for how to make stopping smoking, a little easier.

Try switching to vape
If you’re slowly cutting down on your cigarettes and struggling with your nicotine cravings, then switching to vaping products might be the answer – check out 88 vape for the latest vaping products such as pens, liquids and e-cigs. Some smokers switch to vaping because it not only helps them give up their cigarette addiction, but you also get to enjoy a nicotine craving without the harmful smoke or dangerous chemicals.

Cravings can last for as long as twenty minutes. That's a long time and battling through it is incredibly difficult. Breathing techniques have been proven to help ease nicotine and smoking cravings. A long intake of breath followed by a deep exhale is similar to pulling on a cigarette and then dispersing the smoke. Focusing on your breathing and even meditation can also help you gain control of your cravings until they pass.

Distract yourself with a new habit
I don’t mean something just as harmful! If you enjoy a cigarette when you wake up, try introducing a new workout regime or a run into your morning instead. If you like to enjoy a smoke after your lunch at work, go for a walk around the block instead. If you feel as though you want to put something in your mouth, then switch cigarettes for lollipops or even a straw.

Say goodbye to those reminders
It’s not easy to forget about something if you have reminders around you all the time. Ashtrays, cigarette packets and stubs, lighters, tobacco packets, even the smell of smoke on your clothes, curtains and upholstery. Get rid of everything you can that reminds you of smoking and deep clean your home!

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Practical Ways to Introduce More Natural Light Into Your Home

There’s nothing quite like opening the curtains in your living room and flooding your home with natural
light from the sun. It’s warm, inviting and brightens up even the moodiest days in your house.
Introducing more natural light into your home comes with many health benefits, but it can also
drastically change the way your rooms look.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most practical ways to add more natural light to your

Use colours that complement the light

It’s also important to use colours that complement natural sunlight. Some colours such as black will
absorb the light, meaning it won’t be able to bounce around your room and brighten up your furniture
and walls. If you choose lighter colours, it’ll have a much better chance of reflecting the light around
which makes your rooms feel more inviting.

Add more shiny objects into your rooms

Shiny objects such as mirrors, jewellery and pots can help reflect light around your rooms. This makes
the light bounce around, creating the illusion of space and also allowing your rooms to contain more

Give your windows a good clean

Windows can get surprisingly dirty both on the inside and outside. Make sure you clean your windows
on a regular basis to ensure that there’s no dirt or grime blocking the light from entering. In some cases,
dirty windows can muddy the light, making your rooms feel fairly dark and gloomy despite the sun
being in full view. If you’re going to wash the outside of your windows, make sure you do it safely with a
telescopic tool or by contacting a professional.

Consider changing the style of windows you have

There are many different types of windows that you could install in your home for more sunlight.
For instance, sash windows offer a great balance between letting in natural sunlight and also being
functional and practical. Take a look at the different window styles available to see if there’s an option
that invites more sunlight into your home.

Remove anything that blocks sunlight

Some homes tend to use obstructive curtains and blinds that can block the sunlight from entering your
home. Consider replacing these with a more suitable alternative. You could also think about Removing
any furniture that is close to those windows, such as large cupboards and tall bookshelves.

Don’t forget about your doors

While many people focus on their windows when it comes to letting in more sunlight, you shouldn’t
forget the role that your doors play. This is especially important for areas such as the living room which
could lead into the garden. Large patio doors will allow for more sunlight into your rooms than a window

Introducing more natural light can be challenging, especially if you’re not willing to make large renovations
to your home. However, aspects like your windows are prime areas where small improvements can have
a big impact on the amount of sunlight you allow into your home. If you want more sunlight in
your rooms, it’s best to consider these types of renovations.

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