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Christmas Gifts For Him

The Christmas countdown begins, and here's another Christmas Gift Guide that may help you buy for that special man in your life, where he's your Dad, partner, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, Cousin or even a friend, here are a few gift ideas this Christmas.


5-in-1 Grill Pan
Who's not going to love this 5-in-1 Grill Pan from Cool Gift. This will make the ultimate breakfast each morning all at the same time - which means less washing up which is a huge bonus. This is an ideal gift for any man this Christmas. 

Personalised Beard Grooming Kit
This beard grooming kit is great for any man that has a beard to maintain. Beard grooming products included, as well as a personalised wash bag too which is great for travelling and keeping the products together. 

Walkers Christmas Hamper
There's nothing better than a tasty hamper as a Christmas gift. This Walkers Christmas Hamper from Prestige Hampers if full of Christmas goodies such as cheese biscuits, mince pies, Christmas pudding and the classic Walkers shortbread rounds. 

Book an Experience
If you're unsure for a product to buy, why not buy him an experience? With 100s too choose from Red Letter Days have a great choice of experiences to choose. From driving races, days out, hotel stays, shopping trips and much more. 

Ross and Ross Foods
Do you know a food lover? These Ross and Ross hampers are a great gift for anyone who loves to cook and loves their food. Wide range to choose from, and they are fab gift ideas. 

Ada and Alfred Dad T-shirt
Get the kids of your Dad, or your own Father, to rock this Ada and Alfred T-shirt. These are fab quality t-shirts and will make a great gift for any Father. 

LED Beanie Cap
If there's a man in your life that likes to run/jog, this LED beanie cap will be an ideal gift. Or just a great gift in general for a warm beanie cap and an LED light that has 3 different light settings. There's also a choice of two colours to choose from. 

* Some items featured in this gift guide were gifted. 

How To Have A Better Relationship In 2019

Have you decided that your New Year’s Resolution is going to be to improve your
relationship? This is something a lot of people will try to do in 2019. No matter whether
you feel like your relationship is going downhill or you simply want it to be even better, it
is important to acknowledge that relationships are there to be worked on. We can always
strive to achieve more and enjoy a better time with our loved one. So, with being said,
read on to discover some of the things you can do to make sure you have a better relationship in 2019.

Try to anticipate issues before they become issues - Think of your relationship like your
biggest investment - let’s say your house! As a homeowner, it is likely that you try and
prevent issues from arising. For example, if you notice a crack in the wall, you deal with it
right? You don’t sit and watch the crack, getting bigger and bigger, to the point whereby it’s
verging on a catastrophe! So, don’t have this approach with your relationship. Instead,
you need to talk about the small issues to prevent them from becoming bigger ones.

Practice using empathy - Empathy is like the fuel in any vehicle - it drives the relationship
forward. It is all about thinking about your partner and what it is like to be in his or her shoes.
You have to learn how to see things from their perspective. Once you do this, you will have a
deeper bond.

Recognise your emotional triggers - You also need to learn how to identify the things that
trigger you and make you feel a certain way. We all bring so-called baggage into our relationships
from past experiences. By understanding your hot spots, you will be better placed to find a
way to self-soothe.

No when it is time to call it quits - Last but not least, if you are really struggling to see
any light at the end of the tunnel with regards to your relationship, you need to start seriously
thinking about whether or not it would be better to go your separate ways. If you are married,
the thought of hiring family law experts and going through the legal procedure may be daunting.
However, it is like ripping off a plaster - once you do it, you will feel better because you have
taken the biggest step onto the next chapter of your life.

As you can see, there are a number of different things you can do to try and improve your
relationship throughout the year ahead. If you follow the steps that have been presented in
this blog post, you can be sure that your relationship will improve throughout 2019. Plus, it
is only going to get better and better, so have some patient. Things don’t turn around
overnight but if you stick at the pieces of advice that have been mentioned, you should
definitely notice an improvement.

Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

No matter what kind of street you live in, unfortunately, the unexpected can happen anywhere and anytime. It's so important to make sure we keep our homes secure and safe. Homes with no security measures are more than likely to be burgled, and that's why it is so vital we prevent a burglary from happening by making sure our homes are secure and safe.

Make sure you have good strong windows and locks. This can help massively from someone breaking into your home. Talking about windows and locks, when you leave your home, make sure all your windows are locked and if you want them to be open, make sure they have a safety lock so they don't open as far out that someone can break in.

Good lighting outside your home can prevent a break in and help keep your home secure. You can buy lights that automatically come on when there is movement nearby. This can alert you if you're inside the home and also alert neighbours nearby too.

Keep your keys away from sight near any doors and windows. Devices can be used to hook keys nearby, through the letterbox, so it's vital you keep them out of sight by either keeping them in a draw inside your home or on a key wall hook out of sight.

To make your home extra secure is to add security cameras. Time2technology have a range of indoor and outdoor security cameras. They currently have three new security cameras called Sophia, Oscar and Olivia, for an extra touch to your home. Having a camera installed inside and outside your home will also help prevent any burglaries from happening, and if they do, it will help identify the burglar.

Fencing can be a good idea to help secure your home. Fencing is also good for privacy, but to keep it secure you must make sure it's in good and strong condition. For extra safety, you could add some spikes on top of your fencing, but it's best to make sure you have tall fencing for that.

If you are planning on going away, be sure to arrange with a neighbour or a trusted friend/family member to keep an eye on your home by checking it every other day or keep an eye out for any strange activities.

You might need to change your doors if they are glass. It's recommended to change glass doors to laminate stronger quality doors to prevent any kind of burglary. Glass doors can easily be smashed and an easy way for an intruder to enter your home.

* This is a collaborative post.

The 5 Best Coffee Lover Gifts for Christmas

The 5 Best Coffee Lover Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is coming up, and you might be wondering what presents to get for the coffee lover in your life. Or maybe you’re looking for a cheeky little gift for yourself after spending so much on everyone else such as friends and family. Whatever the case may be, we can help you get the perfect gift set for the java fanatic. Read on to find out about our 5 best gifts for coffee gifts that you can get this Christmas to make the festive season just that little bit better.

Coffee Subscription

First up on the list of gifts and presents to get is a fantastic coffee subscription from Rave Coffee. It works on a fairly simple basis; you sign up to a subscription that lasts either 3, 6 or 12 months, and every month you get a selection of some amazing, limited release coffee from a range of countries and areas including Guatemala, Kenya, and more. You can personalise it fully, from what day it arrives on to personal messages and gift wrap options to be included with the actual coffee, so you can be sure that you’re getting amazing custom coffee lover gifts here for months at a time, making this the gift that keeps on giving. 

We have a few a packs of The Signature Blend with the Cafetiere grind. My partner is a huge coffee lover and has said this coffee chosen is delicious and one of the best coffee he has tasted in a long time. A Coffee Subscription is a great gift for those who love coffee and it's even better that you can fully personalise it, as said above.

Cold Brew Gift Set

A bit of an unusual coffee present is a Cold Brew gift set. How many of you have had a cold brew coffee before? If you’ve not had it, it’s a fantastic way of brewing your coffee that’ll provide a different taste sensation from your normal warm or hot coffee. If you have had it before, you’ll probably fondly remember the taste of it and will be wanting to get another cup. That’s where a Cold Brew Gift Set from Hario comes in. Featuring all you need to start cold brewing coffee, this will make a great gift set for the person who likes their coffee a little different from normal.

Aeropress Gift Set

For another unique brewing style, you can’t go wrong with getting an Aeropress gift set from Aerobie. Despite a simple way of using it, and a very quick way of brewing coffee, an AeroPress is actually the artisan coffee roasters choice for making coffee. It’s gotten so popular and skilful that they’ve even introduced AeroPress championships, where everyone competes to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Why not join them in getting an AeroPress as a present and see how much more your coffee brewing skills can be improved?

Filter Coffee Gift Set with Grinder

Or for a slightly more traditional style of making coffee, a Filter Coffee Gift Set with Grinder from Hario is sure to please everyone who doesn’t want fancy coffee and instead just prefers a simple cup. Featuring all you need to make coffee, such as a white ceramic dripper, coffee filter papers, a grinder and a brew guide as well as the all-important coffee beans, this is sure to be a great present for the coffee lover in your life, who just wants a bit of simplicity.

Glass Coffee Brewing Set

And finally, if you’re the type who loves to be in control of everything, a Glass Coffee brewing set from Hario is ideal to satisfy your needs of both coffee and managing the entire brewing process. With everything you need, from a glass dripper and heatproof glassware to a coffee server and paper filters, this is ideal for the coffee lover at Christmas time who just loves to brew their own coffee carefully and get it to the ideal colour and consistency at all times.

Have we missed out on any coffee lover gifts that you think deserve a mention? Why not let us know in the comments section below? We’d love to hear what you think we should get for the coffee lover during the festive season.

* This is a collaborative post.

Our Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas, and each year I'm always counting down the days for the big special day. Something I also love doing is the decorating. But for the past few years, I've never really gone out and bought nice looking Christmas decorations and ornaments. This year has to be the first year I've looked around properly and bought decorations that I love. I thought I would share them on here with you, and just by looking at the photos makes me have all the festive feels.

Something else that is different this year is our tree. We finally own a real Christmas tree for the first time ever. I have always loved the look of the real trees but never experienced having one. I was luckily offered one this year, and I jumped at the chance. I received it from The Christmas Forest, and it was delivered to us. It's a 6 foot Christmas tree, and I really do love it. I've gone for the minimal decoration this year, no tinsel on the tree, just gold and white baubles with some cool white lights.

* We were kindly gifted a tree. All words, images and opinions are our own.

10 Ways to Create a Welcoming Hallway

The hallway is the first room people see when they walk into your home, so it should be the room everyone feels most welcome in. For many families, the hallway is a place to store shoes and coats, but there are still ways you can store these away in the hallway without it looking too cluttered and still making it look and feel welcoming. Here are 10 ways to help you create that perfect welcoming hallway in your home:

1. Storage
Storage is key when you need to keep things away from sight and keep a room de-cluttered. Finding the right storage to hide away the shoes and the coats can most definitley help keep your hallway de-cluttered, spacious and welcoming. There are many kinds of storage you can use for this, and it all depends on the size of your hallway. We have a reasonably sized hallway, so we have a small sideboard cupboard where we keep our shoes and outdoor accessories such as hats etc.

2. Simple touches
Adding simples touches to your hallway such as nice looking radiators, click here for some lovely looking radiators you could add to your hallway. Not only that, adding some photo prints to your wall or some plants will help your hallway look and feel homely and welcoming.

3. Add a rug
If you have the room, adding a rug can make the hallway feel warmer and very welcoming. If you do choose to have a rug in your hallway, it's probably a good idea to make sure that you find one that will last, especially that it will be walked on many times on a daily basis. It would also be a good idea to ask visitors to take their shoes off before entering the home.

4. Sidetables
As said above, storage is definitely needed in a hallway for your coats and shoes. But, in my opinion, using a side table for your hallway storage makes the hallway stand out and more welcoming. Not only does it look nice, but you can also add some bits on the top, whether it's some photos, some plants or little trinkets.

5. Add a theme
Mixing lots of different mix-match colours can make a room feel uneasy and little crazy, so by adding a theme in your hallway can make it cosy and homely. There are many themes you can choose from, such as a pop colour, grey and white, blush pinks or navy blues - the list is endless. You don't need to go overboard with the theme, just a lick of paint and few bits and bobs here and there.

6. Feature wall
Adding a feature wall in any room makes it look complete. If you're able too, add one in your hallway too. You could use this feature wall to be the main focus, add an eye-catching colour with adding some accessories such as wall prints, or a large/medium wall mirror to make it stand out even more.

7. Mirrors
Adding mirrors can make a room feel lighter and bigger. So if you have a dark and small hallway, this may be a great idea to add to your hallway. Before choosing a mirror, make sure it's not too small and not too big by measuring the wall and the mirror. You don't want it overpowering but then you don't want it to be too small either.

8. Seating
If you have the room in your hallway, add a seating area. Whether it's on top of the shoe box storage or adding a single chair in the corner. We have a single white wicker chair in our porch and it's super handy with kids putting their shoes on. You could add a throw or cushions too, those added little touches create a comfortable welcoming room.

9. Photo wall
If you have stairs right next to your hallway, how about adding a feature photo wall up the stairs? Adding some of your favourite photos into frames and hanging them up on the wall can most definitley make your family home a lot more comfier and welcoming for yourself and your guests. It also makes the family home more personal and homely too.

10. Lighting
You don't want the first room of the house feeling dark and gloomy. Adding some lighting by either a wall ceiling light, side lamp or a floor lamp can make the hallway feel welcoming and warmer. As said above, adding a mirror can also help increase lighting too.

How do you make your hallway feel welcoming?

* This is a collaborative post.

50 Outdoor Activities For Kids

The weather hasn't been all that great recently, but that shouldn't stop us going outside for walks or stop letting the kids go out and explore. It's always good to have a bit of fresh outdoor air on a daily basis. Not only that, but it's always good to have some physical activities on a daily basis too. Not everyone is keen going out in the rain, but you needn't worry if you wrap yourselves up with waterproof clothing and shoes. If you want extra dryness, Susino have a great range of good-quality umbrellas for all ages. The girls especially love their patterned umbrellas.

Here are 50 outdoor activities you can do rain or shine:

• Build a den in the forest or local park
• Jump in puddles
• Play football
• Go fishing or crabbing
• Visit the beach
• Play with a mud kitchen
• Host your own sports day
• Outdoor picnic
• Play in a sandbox
• Chalk the floors and walls
• Run through water sprinklers
• Paint rocks
• Find some of your favourite animals
• Have a walk
• Wash the car
• Dig the dirt
• Go on a scavenger hunt
• Collect leaves and do some leaf painting
• Go on a treasure hunt
• Look for some shapes in the cloud
• Go on a bike ride or teach your child how to ride a bike
• Shadow drawing
• Bug hunting
• Messy play (painting)
• Plant flowers or vegetables
• Make your own bubbles
• Make an outdoor road for toy cars and trucks
• Use bottles or empty cans for backyard bowling
• Find pinecones and paint with them
• Stick race in the river
• Make a crown out of leaves, grass etc
• Collect leaves and make a leaf garland
• Build a fairy house with sticks and leaves
• Make bird feeders
• Let the kids capture some outdoor photos
• Take some paper and put leaves and bark under the paper and draw on top (Leaf rubbings)
• Chase the waves on the beach
• Play classic games: What time is it Mr Wolf/Hide and Seek etc
• Water fights
• Make mud pies
• Make your own boat and let it float in the river
• Measure the rain with your own rain gauge
• Fly a kite
• Go for a forest walk
• Make an outdoor scrapbook and stick all your findings in there
• Make a fairy garden
• Outdoor tea party
• Water the garden (if it's not raining)

So there you have it, 50 activities the kids can do whether it's rain or shine.

What's your favourite thing to do outdoors?

* We were kindly gifted umbrellas from Susino in return for a feature.
All words, opinions and images are our own.

Christmas Gifts For Her

On to my second Christmas gift guide of the year, is showing you some lovely gifts for her. It can be quite challenging to find the right gift for someone who's not a child. You want to buy something they will like and enjoy, not something that will go to waste and not appreciated. So here you all go, some gift ideas for her:

Do you know someone who's unable to drink alcohol? They may be breastfeeding or whatever other good reason they may not or can't drink alcohol, Botonique may be the right gift for them. Botonique is a low-calorie non-alcoholic drink that comes in a 750ml wine-sized bottle. There's a choice of the Original or the Blush (as pictured).

Find Botonique here

Do you know anyone who loves to read books? Someone who's a Mum? This 'It Must Be Whine O'Clock' may be a great gift for her. Sharing the hilarious moments of motherhood that we can all relate too using rhyming and illustrations. There will definitely be laughter reading this book.

Find 'It Must Be Whine O'Clock' here

Personalised gifts are one of my favourite kind of gifts to receive. This modern personalised slate photo frame would be a lovely gift for anyone. You can personalise the top two lines and bottom two lines to say anything you want it too, make it personal by inserting a favourite photo in the frame also.

Find the personalised photo frame here

Ada and Alfred sell this amazing Motherhoodie which will be loved by any Mum! Hoodies are comfortable, cosy and super warm during the winter season. Three difference colours too choose from, natural, dusty pink or black.

Find the 'Motherhoodie' here

Who doesn't love a good hamper? Prestige Hampers have a large range of different hampers to choose from. You will most definitely find the right hamper for the right person, whether it's a biscuit hamper, cheese, chocolate, sweet, alcohol and more, there's bound to be one right for the person you're looking for. This Walkers Christmas Hamper is a fab gift for anyone who loves shortbread biscuits and a few mince pies.

Find the Walkers Christmas Hamper here

Disney is for all ages, right? This adorable Disney Britto Winnie The Pooh mug is the ideal gift for Disney fans out there. It's great quality, a good size and who doesn't love good ol' Winnie The Pooh?! The unique cut out of the ears at the top of the mug, makes this mug look different from other regular mugs. The design of the flowers and butterflies are really pretty too.

Find the Britto Winnie The Pooh Mug Here

Another Disney gift, here's Princess Jasmine. If you know anyone who collects Disney figures, then this Disney Traditions Be Adventurous Princess Jasmine figure may be the ideal gift. Great add to a mantelpiece or a lovely touch to any Disney shelf or room.

Find the Disney Traditions Figure here

This beautiful personalised crystal clock is just beautiful. Great touch for a dressing table, shelf or mantelpiece. This would be the ideal for a Mother, Grandmother, Aunty or anyone you are close too. With a personalised message makes it that extra special also.

Find the personalised crystal clock here.

Gin is everywhere this year, this Gin Baubles Gift Set is the ideal gift for any gin lover! The Lake Distillery have a great range of Christmas gifts this year, from Whisky to Gin and Vodka. Not only spirits, but liquers too.

Find the Gin Baubles Gift here

If you know someone who is vegan, or just someone who loves skincare, wash products, Yaoh has a great range of vegan-friendly shampoos, lip balm, body butter, moisturiser and more. They also offer some ideal Christmas Gift Sets.

Find the vegan-friendly Yaoh products here

This KitchPro Waffle Bowl maker is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to bake or loves sweet things. Waffles are super tasty and you can be all creative by serving waffle bowls filled with your favourite flavoured ice cream, fruit or any other delicious foods.

Find KitchPro Waffle Bowl Maker here

* Some of these gifts were gifted in return for a feature in this gift guide.
However, all words, images and opinions are my own.

Liverpool Christmas Market

Those who know me will know that Liverpool is one of my favourite cities, ever. Putting Liverpool and Christmas together is a dream come true. We were invited to Liverpool last weekend to experience their Christmas market, and I was so excited. My partner and I visited Liverpool last year, but sadly, we were there a week too early before the market. We also went for a family day out in Liverpool last summer and stayed in Liverpool overnight earlier this year. This year, we took the girls with us and made a full day of it by travelling there and back on the train and having a fun-filled day in the city of Liverpool.

Liverpool's Christmas Market is right outside the most beautiful building, St George's Hall. Over 40 cabins are selling all kinds of different things from food to drinks to gifts. There's a bar if you fancy a drink or a cheeky glass of mulled wine to get into the Christmas spirit. Mind you, you will most definitely get into the Christmas spirit with all the festive decorations of the chalets, Christmas songs and happy vibes.

You will find many gifts to buy your loved ones this Christmas from the festively decorated cabins. Unique gifts, festive decoration, fragrances, fudges, cheeses, canvases and so much more. Not only are there amazing gifts to choose from, but there are also many delicious food and drink cabins too. Why not treat your self to a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap (these smelt amazing, btw), or crepes, Belgian waffles, cupcakes and many more.

You will find the market running until the 23rd of December outside St George's Hall. Not only there, but you will find some festive cabins on Piers Head too, as well as the Christmas Ice Festival. Full of delicious food, drinks and festive gifts to offer. Not only that but there are rides to enjoy, as well as the ice rink where you can pay to go ice skating. Unfortunately, we missed the ice skating as we had to go home earlier than planned, but we did see it, and it looked amazing. If you're not a fan of ice skating, there are other festive things to do as a family too such as Santa's Grotto, Ice Slide and more.

While you're in Liverpool, why not experience the shopping too? Liverpool is a large city with 100s of different shops. It's ideal for Christmas shopping, and we've been to Liverpool many times to do our Christmas shop, and we always seem to find everything we need. The girls really enjoyed making their own build-a-bear, the service was great, and they still adore their bears today. As well as shopping, there's a large choice of restaurants to go if you're feeling picky. We were booked into Byron's Burgers, and it was amazing. I would definitely recommend a visit if you've not been before.

Have you visited Liverpool's Christmas Market?

- We were invited to Liverpool to experience the Christmas Market, Shopping and Food. 
We were gifted, Ice Skating tickets, half train tickets, food and Liverpool One vouchers.
However, all words, opinions and images are entirely our own.