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Since I have no contact with my own Mother and she was only ever in my life properly for the first 4 or so years of my life I thought it would be a lovely idea to write an online journal for my girls to read when they are older. Even though my blog is my real online journal and I hope they will read back on it when they are older I thought I would do something a bit more personal and write things about mine and my partners families, our childhood, how we met and much more. Then I thought It would be a great idea to let other mums join in too. So if you are interested to join in then read a bit more on how to link up and to know a little bit more about 'A Mother's Journal To Her Child'

What is 'A Mother's Journal To Her Child' about? It's pretty simple really. A blog post is written every fortnight about different topics of your life so your child can get to read about you and your family at this time. There will be different topics and questions every fortnight. There will be questions such as your time in Primary/Secondary school, your childhood best friends, how you felt at birth etc. It will last a few weeks so eventually the linky will end but I will try and last it until the end of the year.

How do I join in? If you'd like to join in, then great! All I ask you to do is add the badge at the bottom of your blog post so others know where to join if they would like too. The linky will be every fortnight (every 2 weeks) and open for 10 days so there is enough time for everyone to join in. The topics will be listed on the 'Mother's Journal' tab on my blog. The questions will be up on the first day of the linky, however if you would like them sooner so you can schedule the post then feel free to ask me via email Otherwise all you have to do is wait for the first day of the linky and copy and paste the questions on the post.

# Please add the badge at the end of your blog post.
# Comment on at least 1 or more posts to be fair.

- Your host is me (Beth)
- Linky starts every fortnight. Dates are shown on the 'Mothers Journal' tab.
- Tweet your link with #mothersjournal and @lifeasmumblog and I will retweet you.
- Add as many photos and information as you want.
- Don't change questions unless you have too.
- If you have a partner or family member you wish not to mention just delete the question.
- Be fair to others and comment on other blog posts.
- There will be more detailed topics in future.

Please Note - I do try to make every topic suitable for everyone including single mothers. If you wish not to talk about your child's father or anyone else I mention in the questions just delete the questions and change them if you like but not too much.
Also parents of more than one child (like me) with the birth story, pregnancy and other topics alike just write about all of your children. You will see when I write mine when the week comes.
Remember any questions just e-mail me.

T H E  T O P I C S
THE FAMILY (10th Apr - 19th Apr)
MY CHILDHOOD (24th Apr - 3rd May)
GROWING UP (8th May - 17th May)
MEETING YOUR DAD (22nd May - 31st May)
EXPECTING (5th June - 14th June)
BIRTH/LABOUR STORY (19th June - 28th June)
1ST YEAR (3rd July - 12th July)
SIBLINGS (17th July - 26th July)
More to come soon...

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