Bed Routine

It's very important for a child to have a bed routine, especially if they go to school. From newborn to 1 years old they should sleep roughly 11 - 17 hours a day, this includes naps in the day. We all know when a baby gets tired, when they start being moody about everything, crying over nothing, losing their temper quickly etc. 
Usually most parents start a routine for their child when they a few months old. It's quite important to stick to that routine every day - as boring as can be it will pay off in the end. But most parents think what time should i put my child too sleep? Here is something you may need to think about when thinking of a time -

0 - 2 months - 10.5 - 18 hours. 
2 - 12 months - 14 - 15 hours.
1 - 3 years - 12 - 14 hours.
3 - 5 years - 11 - 13 hours.
10 - 11 years - 10 - 11 hours.

Both of my daughters go to sleep between 6pm - 7pm every night. Mia will wake up between 6am - 7am and Elliw will wake up roughly 7am - 9am. So they get their full sleep! And i get my quiet evening! 

When starting your child to a bed routine it's quite important to stick to it and have the same routine daily. Here is a simple bed routine most people do -

- Bottle/Feed
- Bath
- Brush Teeth
- Get changed to comfortable pyjamas.
- Read a story/Sing a gentle soft nursery rhyme.
- Switch the light off (Maybe a night light if they don't like the dark)
- Reassure them that they are save by saying 'Night, Love You, See you tomorrow'

Do you have a bed time routine for your child?

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  1. My girls go upstairs at 7pm....Watch tv or read till 8pm then sleep....
    They've always had a good bedtime routine....


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