MyLittleBigTown Books Review

I recieved 3 books from My Little Big Town last week. I was quite excited to show them to Mia and Elliw. They were very colourful! To top it off, Mia loves Monsters. The books we recieved were;

'Where's the Scone'
'The Monster Book Of Colours' By Calvin Innes
'The Monster Book Of Numbers' By Calvin Innes

We all sat down on the sofa, TV off and read the books. Mia loved the pictures and i thought the books were really good for her age especially. The big writing which made it easy for us parents too read to the children, but also taught them the colours and numbers. 

'Where's The Scone' 
This book was very educational, which got Mia's mind working with the little 'quiz' on the back of the book asking for them to look for things in the book after reading it. An ideal book if you own a nursery or Childminding business and a great Christmas present. 

'The Monsters Book Of Numbers' 
This is learns the child numbers from 1-10 then 25 then 50. But what i think makes this book more exciting and different from other Number books is how colourful it is and the pictures are of Funny Monsters, which most children like! The monsters also have very funny names! 

'The Monsters Book Of Colours'
Same as above. Great colourful book with pictures of Monsters. Very educating and learning a child the colours in a fun way! 

What is great about these 3 books is how the Monsters look silly and colourful, and the names are very funny/silly which make reading the book too the children fun for the parent too! 

Overall: I really enjoyed reading these books with my children, and will be enjoying reading them again and again! It's a great fun way to learn children the numbers and colours and to get them thinking! I do think that wooden books would be great for the younger children who love these books. My youngest loved them but kept biting them too! 

* I recieved these books to do a review. All opinions are 100% honest and all my words and photos.

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