Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mia Wyn 3 Years & 11 Months

This is a day late - sorry! In just a month you will be 4 years old! 4 years ago around this time - i remember feeling so scared! I was only 17 (just turned in August) i was young, i was worried and i just didn't know how everything was going to turn out like. But my god - you've been amazing. You're a fantastic big sister too Elliw. You're a kind, caring and loving girl. Everyone mentions how polite you are and how funny you are! 
You're still part time in school at the moment. Next September you will be full time! Scary stuff! But i know you will do really well. 
You're getting really good with your writing, letters and numbers.
You know how too spell your own name - but you do it either AIM or IMA haha! Makes me laugh all the time.
I absoloutley love how you come up to me sometimes, hold my face and tell me you love me and you've called me your hero. It really does melt my heart. Hearing things like that off you makes me so happy. 

Things you love at 3 years & 11 months are ;

- Drawing/Colouring.
- Your notepads.
- Writing.
- Singing.
- Dancing.
- Watching TV.
- Your wellie boots.
- Going for walks.
- Watching Hugglemonster and Mickey Mouse.
- Listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song.
- Going in the car.
- Going too your Dads for the weekend.
- Playing with your friends.
- Tickling Elliw too make her laugh.

From an 8lbs 9oz baby girl too turn out to a bright, intellegent beautiful child makes me so happy. 
Love you so much


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