Elliw Elen 20 Months

My youngest daughter is 20 months today, can't believe how fast time has gone. Where has my 9lbs 8oz baby gone? I've loved every minute of watching her grow up. Growing up from a helpless little baby girl too a wild little toddler. I love how different it has been watching Elliw grow up than to how it was when Mia was growing up. I've found Elliws milestones are a little behind than what Mia's was but that may be because I need too share my attention with both girls. 

Here are a few things Elliw can do and likes at 20 months 

- Loves dancing.
- Loves babbling.
- Loves playing with her big sister.
- Size 5 in shoes.
- 18-24 months in some clothes but mostly in 2-3 years.
- Loves dancing too Mr Blooms Nursery and Mickey Mouse.
- Love watching Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Mr Bloom, Rhyme Rockets and Mr Tumble.
- Slowly starting too say words.
- New word is TOODLES (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!)
- Still has 20 minutes - 2 hours nap in the day.
- Goes too bed 6pm - 6.30pm every day.
- Still has a full bottle of cows milk before bed.
- Loves feeding herself with a fork/spoon.
- Loves sitting down at the table.
- Loves drawing/colouring.
- Loves it when Daddy comes home from work.
- Loves emptying everything from the shelves and cupboards.
- Loves trying too feed Daddy her food.
- Loves posing for the camera.
- Loves building things such as blocks.
- Loves watching TV.
- Loves throwing herself on the floor when having a tantrum!

She has changed so much even changed the last couple of weeks. Her personality is so funny! Even she thinks she is funny herself lol. Can be a right handful sometimes but i'm loving every minute of watching this little monkey grow up! 

Love you Elliw Elen 

Love Mam Xxx

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