Monday, 9 December 2013

My Weight Loss Journey

I haven't done a post about this for quite a while so i thought i would give you all an update! I recently found an old photo of myself that was taken this time last year! It really shocked me seeing myself that 'big'! I couldn't believe how big i actually was. 
Well as you know, i am doing Slimming World and it's been like a rollercoaster (my own fault) but i have lost much more than i have gained. I got my 2 stone award last week which i am so happy with as i wanted it before Christmas, and i got it! 
Some weeks have been hard and some weeks have been easy. When i get hard weeks, like if i am stressed or upset then i just eat and eat and i can't get myself back on plan but Monday is weigh-in days so that gets me back on track! I had a bad week last week, Mia's birthday - so a lot of cakes and cupcakes were made - and eaten too - ha ha!

It's much easier than people think though. You can eat much more than your think too! 

Here is my achievement so far;

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