iWoot Like Coffee Mug Review

I was recently sent this 'Like Coffee Mug' from iWoot. Here is what i thought about this product:
If you are looking for a gift for someone and it's last minute then iwoot is great for that! I was very pleased with the delivery! It came within 2 days. One thing i hate about online shopping is when i have to wait a week or more for delivery, iwoot's delivery is great. 

The Product
This porcelain mug is great for a social networker fan! This could be a great gift. One main thing i really love about this mug is the handle. I hate mugs which have small handles where i can only hold it with 2 or 3 fingers with my chubby hands (ha ha!) so this was a bonus. Aswell as the thickness of the mug. I'm not keen on thin mugs so the thickness and strength of this mug was a huge bonus with us too. Nothing better than a solid mug! 

Recommended For?
Coffee lovers! Social Network Fans! Fantastic unique gift to give to someone who is a lover of coffee and social networking. Great for any occasion, or maybe keep for yourself and add a bit of uniqueness into your kitchen!

I am really happy with this mug. Like i said above, the mug is solid and the handle is big enough for your to hold the mug properly unlike most other mugs. I would most definteley buy this as a gift for someone - but this one I've got is going to stay right in my kitchen! I was dissapointted a little that there wasn't a 'Tea' mug as i'm not keen on coffee (but Iwan is!) and would have loved a Tea mug! 

Where can I buy?
You can buy this mug here for £5.99 or buy 2 selected mugs for £12.99

Disclaimer: I was given this product to do an honest review. I was not paid to do this post. All words and photos are my own.

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