Filofax Review

I was recently sent a Blossom Personal Organiser from Filofax. This is what i thought about this Personal Organiser:

The Product
When i received the Personal Organiser I was quite pleased. I chose this Organiser as i love the pattern and the colours. It was designed by a runner-up in 2012 Filofax Graduate Design Competition. It's a fine leather material on the outside with a fine suede material on the inside (which i love!). I love that there is a strap to close the Organsier, nothing worse than having an Organiser which keeps opening! (I think anyway). The week is spreaded out on to two pages for 12 months. 5 languages are in this Personal Organiser. 
There are a few great things that come in this Personal Organiser:

  • Contacts sheets.
  • Blue, Green and pink notepaper.
  • Frosted ruler/page marker.
  • Top opening envelope.
  • Transparent flyleaf.
  • 2 colour front sheet.
  • 1-2 coloured index.
  • To do sheets.
  • White ruled, plain and quadrille notepaper.
It's great that there is everything in this Organiser. What's even better, once the year is over you don't have to go looking for another Organiser, you can stick with the same one by buying yourself a re-fill! How great is that?

Recommended For?
I would say this Organiser is recommended for journalists, bloggers and people who like keeping notes. It's ideal to keep in your handbag and jot some ideas whilst you're out!

Overall I was quite happy with this Personal Organiser. Absoloutley love the design and the strength in the Organiser. Would have liked it to be more flexible for me to write in it easier - but that could also mean a bigger size would be better for me?! But I will deffintely be using this Organiser to jot things down through out the year.

Where Can I Buy?
Check out Filofax website for more

Disclaimer: I was given this product to do an honest review. I was not paid to do this. All words and photos are my own.

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  1. Love this diary! I still need to buy mine for this year x


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