Child Proof Your Home

Once your baby starts crawling you will start to realise you need to make your home child safe. There are quite a few dangers you need to watch our for when you child starts crawling or/and walking. Here are the dangers:

These are dangerous for babies, toddlers and children. When a child see's a plug hole in the wall the only thing they think and do is, stick their fingers in! Which is very dangerous. That is why there are safety plugs to stick into un used plug holes to prevent a child electrocuting themselves. 

Everyone has cables, but when you have a child it is really important to hide all cables, or if you can't hide the cables then atleast hook them on the wall so your child can not grab them. 

Fire Guards.
We have quite a dangerous gas fire, it's got sharp corners and the floor bit for it is quite dangerous too, we have got a big fire guard box to cover it. We hardly ever put the gas fire on but it's always best to stay on the safe side.

Safety Gates.
I'm sure most parents have Safety Gates in their home if they have children. At the moment we have two Safety Gates, one in the living room and one by the dining room so they can't get into the kitchen. We want one to be on top of the stairs but the banister is way too loose and the bedroom doors are way to narrow to fit one in - typical! In the new house we will be putting one on their bedroom door, living room, front room, kitchen and top of the stairs. Safety gates are great to keep them out of safety and out of mischief to! 

Windows and Blinds.
I get really paranoid with our window sils in our house because they're not that high. We haven't put anything in front of the windows which can help the girls climb on to the window. Before we had a sofa in front of the living room window and i moved it from there as Mia started climbing to the window. We've also got blinds which i get paranoid with because i've head stories about toddlers/children dying with the strings of the blinds - which is so sad and scary! The best thing to prevent these dangers is just don't put anything infront of the window for your little ones to climb up.

Is there any other 'Child Proof' in your home?


  1. We have a radiator right at the bottom of the stairs which I've always been really nervous of - I worry about the kids falling and banging their heads on the sharp edges. I've bought a pool noodle and cut a slit in it so it now sits on the edge of the radiator to provide a little cushioning - I feel much better for doing it!

  2. We are currently baby proofing the house, it's a task and a half. Even when I think I've done everything Abby will still find something she shouldn't!

  3. My baby boy has just learnt to crawl and pull himself up on everything so we are currently baby proofing, this was a helpful post so thanks for sharing, must write a to-do list and a to-get list! Just stopping by from the Mad Midweek Blog Hop :)

    Fiona @

  4. Great tips - Max is on the verge of crawling so baby proofing will be happening soon! #MMWBH

  5. Good tips! I particularly hate blind cords. We also tie the cords up and out of reach. We have always left some safe 'objects' within reach though, to help teach them not to touch things :) #MMWBH


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