Our Winter Walk

Me and the girls went for a walk today after picking Mia from school. I ask Mia most afternoons after school if she would like to go for a walk and usually it's a no. But today she was excited and really wanted to go. So we all went home quickly, changed Elliw's nappy and put their coats on and off we went!
We're quite lucky we live in a village where there are many safe walks. We just walked down the road a bit and we go into an old road which is now a footpath which is about a 10 minute walk to the end, great to let the kids run around and be wild and free!

Last Summer we always used to go for walks, and now that Elliw is older Mia has someone to run with, have a race with and play with when she is out. So she loves it and Elliw loves it to.
One thing i quite regret is not putting wellies on them! There was puddles and they had LOADS of fun jumping and getting themselves soaked, was so funny but Elliw was really good listening to me when I told her 'no' and to stop it. So did Mia actually.

We all had fun, they were both so well behaved (a hint for me to take them for a walk much more often!!) and listened to everything i said. Well maybe not everything. As we turned back Elliw decided to run really fast the other way! Everytime me or Mia were getting closer - she kept running even faster and laughing. We all had a really good laugh with that. In the end we laughed ourselves home. 

What i really love about the village i live in is the views. This is the view we had when we were going for a walk. We have half of this view from our window, which i love.

What did you do today?


  1. Lovely pictures!
    Looks like they enjoyed it :) xx

  2. It looks beautiful there and your girls looked like they had loads of fun.


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