Tuesday, 4 February 2014


As you've probably realised i haven't blogged for a couple of days now. I even haven't done Feisty Fridays for two weeks or the Sunday linkey either! Well i do have a good explanation why. My partner lost someone in his family 2 weeks ago, So i haven't really been on the laptop. I've been trying my best to do more workouts and going for walks. So instead of me sitting on my bum just on this laptop, i've dragged myself to go out for walks. But past few days now I have come down with a very bad cold! Which i am so moody about and i really do feel sorry for myself! I put vix under my feet and put socks last night. My god i felt totally different this morning, still a tickly throat and a bad blocked nose but i'm getting there - See how sorry i feel for myself?! haha!
ALSO my laptop is a bit messed up at the moment. So i can't even do 'scheduled' posts for you either! My laptop still thinks it is 25th December 2013 and 9:30pm.

The next few days you will see quite a few posts hopefully, including:
Valentines Day Gift Ideas.
Feisty Fridays Link Up.
Birthday Party On A Budget.
Chocolate Cake Recipe.
Talk About Sundays Link Up.
Planning A Birthday Party.
Moving House.
Keeping In Touch.
Back Pain During Pregnancy.
and more!

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