Elliw Elen: 23 Months

23 months old! How fast have these months gone?! Just feels like yesterday that i had found out i was pregnant. I can't believe how fast it has gone. Just a month to go and it will be your 2nd birthday. Wow. It's lovely watching you grow from a little baby to a grown up little lady/madame. You're a little behind on development as Mia loves talking for you and doing things for you. You're starting to say and learn a lot more things recently.

You can:
Understand Welsh and English.
Talk welsh.
Point to things you want.
Understand us when tell you to get things such as your blanket and bottle.

Words you can say now are:
Ma (meaning Mia)
Ju (short for juice)

You love:
Watching TV.
Running and walking.
Blowing kisses.
Giving kisses.
Looking at books.
Playing with your friends and big sister Mia.
Not to listen (lol)
Your blankey.

Favourite things:
Mr Tumble TV.
Mr Tumble Book.
This little piggy nursery rhyme book.
Playing with wooden and mega blocks.
Colouring on walls!

Typical Routine:
Wake up roughly 7am - 9am. Breakfast you will have toast and fruit with a bottle of juice. Playtime, maybe go out if it is nice. Dinner by 12pm. Nap by 1pm until 3pm. Snack roughly 4pm. Tea at 5 - 5.30pm. Bed 6.30pm.

What has changed?
We have noticed a big difference in your speech, as you're trying to copy what we are saying. You recognise more people now, you know who they are. You love to walk about. You've been in a 'big girl' bed now for roughly 1-2 months. You will never just fall asleep in the bed. You will stay awake until 10pm ish maybe sooner or later depends how tired and stubborn you are. You will always end up sleeping on the floor then me or dad will put you back to bed once you're fast too sleep. Haha.

Time has gone way too quick!

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  1. Awww, I just love these pictures! What a wonderful log of a growing girl.

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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