Choosing The Right Pram

It can be quite frustrating and difficult choosing the right pram for you child/children. There are things you need to think about before spending your money on a pram.

If you drive, will it fit in the boot? If you don't drive, then you most probably travel on bus or train so you need it to be light and not very wide or long. 

If you think a relative or friend of yours will have the child/children quite often then you may need to think of them a bit too. Such as height, width and the weight of the pram. Will it fit into their car? Will it be easy for them to push and fold? 

More than one child
If you are expecting your 2nd child and wondering if you need to get a double or a single it can be very frustrating to know what you want. It it you that knows your child, if your child still has naps, gets very tired, doesn't listen or behave when walking then maybe you need to think of a double, or maybe a buggy board? If your child is over 3 years old and still not listening and behaving without a pram then they may just need to learn a bit more with no pram first before your other child comes along. I went for the iCandy Pear as i could turn it into a single pram so it was good for one and two children.

Worth its money
It's always best to look around first. Look for reviews on the pram you want. We all know how hard it is these days with money, so we do not want to go wasting our money on a pram that is going to break in a couple of weeks/months. Try and find something strong, and something that will last you.

Having a baby can be very expensive, if it is your second, third etc baby then it's even more expensive. So you may want to budget yourself on buying a pram. I would never spend more than £200 on a pram and no more than £60 on a second hand pram. Try and set yourself a budget and i'm sure you can/will get a decent pram within your budget.

There are lovely prams out there, even though i like having a pram that looks nice and girly for my youngest, i would prefer to spend my money on a pram that will last. 

Which pram do you have? How did you choose it?

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