Back On Plan

You may know that I am a member of Slimming World for a good few months now. Well I have my ups and downs but more good weeks than bad I would say. Since Christmas I haven't really lost much weight and I've been feeling so fed up about it. So from last Wednesday up to yesterday I have a very bad week, and I mean very bad! I had lots of takeaways and rubbish foods. I was even cheeky enough to have a Big Mac Burger and a Double Cheese burger in McDonalds on Monday! But I have to say it was very nice since I haven't had a McDonalds in months and months. So it was nice to have a treat week.

Thursday I started back on plan. I've tried to a plan called Success Express where you have more super frees (veg, fruit etc) than free foods (rice, meat, egg etc). It has actually gone quite well. I wasn't sure if I could do it but I did it! And now I am sitting here writing this wanting something to snack on but instead I've got a full glass of juice next to me so I don't snack, plus I feel too lazy to move since I've been on the go all day.

So from this week onwards I have thought to give you an update every week on a Wednesday and tell you how much I have gained or lost. Then let you know everything I have eaten too.

I hope you take a read next Wednesday.

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