Little Brother

I love it when the School Holidays arrive! It means that we all get to see my little brother Sean, who lives in South Wales. I love it when he comes up to visit us. The girls absolutely love their Uncle Sean! Mia always asks for him when he's gone back home in South.

When he comes up North to my Dad's we all try and go out somewhere together a few times through the holidays. In the Easter holidays we went out to a park that was about an hour away from my house. We were there about 2-3 hours, I got a little bored but the kids really enjoyed themselves and I think the big kid that really enjoyed themselves the most was my Dad ha ha! 

You can probably see who the big kid is in these photos ha ha! It was a really good day - and we were lucky that the weather was good for us too.

Do you have family who live really far from you?

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