Easter Breakfast

This is a late post - since we had no wi-fi over the Easter weekend because we have moved home. Mia was in her Dads from Saturday until Monday Bank Holiday so Tuesday morning I thought I would do an Easter special breakfast for both of the girls. It wasn't much but they loved it as it was a change for them.

Mia got really excited when I told her I was going to do dippy eggs! For their breakfast they had runny eggs with toast cut to dip into the egg and they also had chocolate mini eggs! Elliw didn't eat the dippy egg, she only ate the chocolate mini eggs and half the toast, oh and she decided to put one of the chocolate mini egg inside the real egg and it melted ha ha so good job she didn't eat the dippy egg!

How was your Easter? Did you do anything special or was it just a normal day?


  1. Dippy eggs? Never heard of that before but YUM! What a sweet picture too.

    We had a lovely Easter. We ate a light breakfast of yogurt and fruit, as we expected to be eating a huge dinner that night.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

    1. Haven't you?! Egg & Soldiers we call them too! :) A runny egg and you dip the toast in, very yummy!
      Glad too hear that you had a lovely Easter :)



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