My Baby Is Growing!

The past couple of days I have realised how much Elliw has grown. She was slow in walking, crawling and talking but every child's development is different isn't it? Plus she is the 2nd child so Mia, her big sister, did a lot for Elliw. So in a way Elliw was a little lazy ha ha! These past couple of weeks she has changed so much, she understands more things even though she makes out to us that she doesn't so she can try and get her own way ha ha.

She loves posing for the camera! In the past two weeks Elliw has been coming up to me and saying she has done or wants a poo!!! Since she is scared stiff of the potty I have been taking her to the toilet and she loves it when we praise her. She hasn't done anything on the toilet yet but it's a start isn't it?

She is still a little madam at bed times. She will not settle in her bed. When we put her to bed she will still run around her bedroom and play a little and look at her books. Eventually, she will sleep on the floor by the gate and we will take her back to her bed and she will sleep all night some nights and she will wake up some nights for juice.

What I've also noticed recently too is how close Elliw and Mia are getting - I love it! I love seeing them cuddle up together on the sofa whilst they're watching TV. But to tell you the truth, they do argue much more than they cuddle and play together so seeing them so close is really nice too see sometimes. I've noticed that Elliw loves playing with figures and baby dolls. She will sit down sometimes with two little figures, one in each hand and play with them. It is so cute!

You might remember me posting about Elliw starting small school? Well she absoloutley loves going there. She goes every Fridays 9am until 11am and in September I have booked her in to go there 3 days a week 9am until 1pm so she will be in dinner clubs too. She runs in there the minute she is at the door.

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