Family Visiting.

I really do love it when my family visits me. I don't think the realise how much I appericiate that they take the time and effort to come and see me. Nearly 3 years ago I moved around 30 minutes away from my family to live with my partner. I am really gutted I don't see my family as often but I love the times that they come to visit me, my partner and the girls.

My beautiful Nephew, Osian Wyn came over to see us on Friday. I absolutely love seeing him! And my brother Nathan and his partner Catriona of course!

Osian was a right little poser when he came over. Full of smiles and sticking his tongue out loads ha ha. So adorable.

Later on my Dad came over as he was going to help me tidy and clean our old house. I don't see him very often and it's really nice when he comes over. This photo is the first photo he has of all the grand-children :-)

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