We are Back!

Hello! Hope everyone is well! I am finally back blogging! Look forward to reading all your blogs, I actually can not wait to read them all! I've missed blogging loads but I have been so so busy and I knew If I would have carried on blogging and the other things I was doing - I would be way to stressed, so I decided to have a little break. We have been really struggling with money, so I thought i'd start my own business again. Yeah, I know I have people probably talking behind my back with me starting the business again but at the end of the day - at least i'm getting of my arse and trying to make money for my family. I have been extremely busy with the business tbh! I've been having mails every day, all day! That is one of the main reasons I decided to take a break! So I hope you all enjoy the next few posts I have scheduled for you all :)
We have been up too so much!

P.s- Thanks for all the readers still viewing my blog whilst I was taking a break. :)

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  1. Welcome back :-) looking forward to reading all your new posts xx


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