The B&W Photo Project.

Week 2 of joining in with the B&W Photography Project hosted by PODcastdove. This photo was actually taken this morning. Very rarely will I get a lovely photo where Elliw and Mia is standing still but I managed to get one with Elliw this morning. I abolosutley love this photo, and loved it even more with it being Black and White!


  1. Such a cutie, look at those curls and that little cheeky smile! #bwphotoproject

  2. Gorgeous shot - beautiful eyes she's got! x

  3. I agree-gorgeous eyes. They sparkle :)

  4. Putting photos into black and white really do transform them sometimes. Gorgeous girlie :)

  5. Gorgeous image, love how it makes you focus on the eyes too. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing with #bwphotoproject


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