Elliw Elen's Development Update.

She is 28 months, nearly 29 months old. Elliw has really grown up recently but what has helped her in a major way is going to little school one day a week. Her speech isn't fantastic but it is getting there! Even though a lot of my friends children the same age as Elliw can talk in sentances and Mia could when she was Elliw's age too - I am not comparing my little girl to any other child. Every child's development is different isn't it? My child will learn in her own time, not when other people expect it. I am literally fed up of people saying to me 'my child can say this and that' etc.
I am proud of my daughter. She is growing up to be a right little madam. She knows what she wants but she just cant say some of the words right now. But saying that, her speech is coming along very good. She is repeating words and starting to really recognise what things are now. She knows where some of her body parts are, she knows family and friends names and she knows how to say some things she uses and sees daily.

As you can tell by the photos, she does love posing for the photos! However I am lucky if I do get good photo shots like I have done in these photos! These photos are definitely ones to print out and put in a frame. She now knows how to drink out of a cup and she love playing jigsaws! She really concentrates and she actually puts them together too. I love watching her.

She Loves:
- Drawing, colouring.
- Playing jigsaws, dress up.
- Singing and dancing.
- Playing with her sister Mia and her friends.
- Going to the park.
- Going for walks (walking, on her trike or pram)
- Going to see family.
- Watching TV.
- Her blankey.

She still has her favourite blankey that she was given when she was newborn. She is now even starting to say the words blankey. It may be in her own words but she can say it! We understand her so i'm happy she is actually saying a word for something she has had since she was born. 

Until Next Time Baby Girl ... Love Mam xxx

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  1. Awww lovely pictures and a lovely update to read :) You're completely right, she will do things when she's ready, I think I'd get fed up of it too! xxx


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