Mia Wyn's Development Update.

Mia will be 5 years old in December. Yes 5 years old!!! Where has the time gone? I haven't done much updates on Mia recently because I wanted to do it after she had finished pre-school which she has now. She has grown up so much the past few months. She is brilliant at writing, drawing, colouring and counting. She talks English and welsh which I am very proud of her being able to talk both languages! However she talks much better in Welsh.

 It makes me really sad but very proud knowing she is going to be full time school from September onwards. That is why I am really looking forward to these summer holidays! So I can have both my baby girls with me every day. If you've read past posts about Mia, I have been problems with her going to toilet for #2's. She is great with going for a pee! But not #2! Every morning I wake up she has got a dirty nappy, I will change her up to 10 or more times a day. However the past week and a half now she has done really well! Only 2 accidents. I have even started a chart. And you won't understand how happy it makes me feel when I see she has a clean nappy when waking up in the morning, Ive actually had tears a few times! Anyway that is another post! Back onto Mia's development..
Mia has become a bright and clever little girl. She will tell you straight on what she is thinking, even though she can be quite rude and cheeky (but who's child isn't?! They're learning right!) she is a very caring little girl. As I suffered depression, I did cry a lot and she was the only one there for me giving me cuddles and telling me not to cry - which then made me cry even more because my little girl was caring for me!

She Loves:
- Watching Numberjacks, Dore the explorer and Peppa Pig.
- She loves horses and dogs.
- She loves her teddies.
- She loves drawing, colouring and writing.
- She loves her two sisters.
- She loves playing with her friends.
- She loves correcting people!
- She loves answering back!
- She loves going for walks such as to the park!

Until next time baby girl.. Love Mam xxx

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