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#MyKidSaid. #1

The amount of things Mia has come out with is unbelievable and so funny! Sometimes it is just the way she says things to, the tone of her voice and attitude! In the last 2 weeks of school before the Summer holidays Mia and her best friend Llio have been saying the most funny things! She also been carrying this on up until this day and I am sure for the rest of the holidays too.

They are both very adamant that they are moving in with each other, they make their own plans for sleepovers and visiting eachothers houses! They're going on holiday together, they're going to Peppa Pig land together! Everything. Oh and also they have a classroom and I am taking them apparently.

I have no idea how they get these funny stories but I love listening to them! Such a great imagination both of them! I love how close friends they are.



  1. Oh bless them! They sound very close x

  2. It's lovely to listen to the conversations between our little people and their pals/siblings #mykidsaid

  3. Aww Mias face in the photos so cute! I remember planning on moving in with my friends too! xx


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