Learn To Ignore!

At the moment Elliw is going through a stage of shouting, screaming and not stopping until she gets what she wants. Well obviously, I don't give her what she wants all the time as I don't want her to grow up like that and I will learn her to be patient. However I am having to learn Mia too, but Elliw is the youngest and the worst, her tempers will turn out to hitting the floor, doors, walls and she will even go for Mia to. If I am totally honest, it is very hard work with the both of them at the moment.

I have tried my best to put her on naughty step most of the time when she starts hitting, if I put her there every time then im sure she would be on there most of the day! So I try to make my voice serious so she tries to understand a little bit but she smiles or laughs back! So I guess that isn't working.

Another thing I have learnt that I have to ignore is when they constantly ask for food through the day, the summer holidays have been so hard. I don't like to give them rubbish food to snack on, I don't mind if they have ham, chicken, breadsticks or fruit but not constantly. With their routine I have no idea how they get so hungry! It is really hard to understand.

I am finding it hard to ignore, I need to stop getting wound up and in the end I do start crying because I have just had a enough! However I am getting better at this and I am starting to ignore a lot more!
It is hard for you to give 1000% attention all day every day when you have loads of other things that need doing to!

Is your child like this? Or been like this before?

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