Yummy Veg Rice Recipe

About 2 weeks ago I tried 'rice fusions' which I absoloutley loved! But then I realised there are syns in them. Seeing as I do Slimming World I like to try new recipes where I can make the foods free. So on the weekend I really fancied some rice fusions but then I realised I could try make it myself so that is what I did! It was so simple and all free for Slimming World, great to make if you are a member.

Veg stock
Mixed Herbs

All you have to do is cook the rice, boil water mix the veg stock, add the stock into the rice mix the veg and then the herbs and garlic. There you, simple as that!
And very yummy too!

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  1. My mum makes something similar but with chicken in and I love it! :) xx


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