Weigh-in Update.

If you read my previous post about my weight-loss you will know that I have made a target to reach by Christmas, if you haven't read it then here it is: here. I really do want to loose another stone by Christmas time. I would be so happy if I reach it. Well, I had weigh-in on Wednesday evening and I lost 1.5lbs I am pretty gutted if I am honest. I had a completely different week (in a good way) compared to the past few weeks so I am hoping it will show on to next weigh-in day. Thursday and Friday hasn't been good and hasn't been on plan either. A bit too much chocolate, feeling sorry for myself, and personal things which I am not going to get into. Saturday morning I got myself to the shower and made a fresh start! I've written a food diary for the week, a food shopping list and I AM going to get another stone off by Christmas!

Have you got a target for Christmas?

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