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Are too many teens drinking alcohol?

A recent study commissioned by global brewer AB InBev UK showed that parents aren’t as well informed as they might like to believe when it comes to the drinking habits of young people today.

Surprisingly, the survey found that parents are too quick to believe that the majority of teenagers are habitually drinking alcohol; whereas the truth is actually that a much lower percentage than assumed does so.

The survey discovered that, on average, only 39% of young teenagers (11 – 15 years) have drunk alcohol before. This is in contrast to distrusting UK parents that think this number is closer to 60%.

AB InBev UK, alongside the Alcohol Education Trust, is supplying a wealth of information to equip parents for discussions with their young teens about the responsible drinking.

Family Talk UK is an online platform where parents can come together and share their experiences and advice about alcohol in relation to their children and families.

If you’ve ever needed tips on how to start this tricky conversation, check out the Facebook page now!

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