Christmas 2014

For the first time in a good few years we are actually very organised this Christmas. I started shopping online around mid-August time then got a few bits over September then me and my partner went to Chester for the night and went shopping to get most of the girls' presents. Then we have been getting everybody else's presents in the past month and finally we are sorted and don't need to buy no more presents for anyone. I am so glad that all i need to do is wrap the rest of the girls' presents and do the rounds of giving other people's presents to them which i will do this weekend, like we do every year.

I have struggled quite a bit on what to get for Mia and Elliw this year especially Elliw as she is a bit younger and she likes to copy Mia so i tried to get them both similair things but because i know they will share their toys and Mia will probably play/take some of Elliws toys and Elliw will do the same back i thought there was no point in buying th same presents each. It has been a very expensive year this Christmas and i think we will cut it down a bit next year.

On Christmas morning i always video the girls coming downstairs and this year for a change i think i will put wrapping paper on the door so they can be suprised when they come downstairs! I am really excited to do that if i'm honest. We will all open the presents, take photos and probably eat some chocolate for breakfast as you do Christmas Day! Ha ha. We will all get ready and take a walk down to my partners Aunty and Uncle's house and have one drink there and a chat and exchange presents. After that, we will go to my partners parents house and spend the day there along with having Christmas Dinner too!

On Boxing Day we will go and see my family and spend the day in my Nain's house which i have done every single year since i was little. It's really nice because all the family will be there and it'll be a nice change having everyone together. There is always a buffet there and the girls will play and probably make a mess too!

I absoloutley love Christmas. The main thing i love about Christmas Day is spending it with the family and especially my girls. I can't remember a Christmas with both my parents and i was very young so i remmeber growing up with my Dad on Christmas, which i absoloutley loved and wouldn't change a thing! But it does feel really nice me, my partner and my girls all together for Christmas.

How do you spend your Christmas and Boxing Day?

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  1. Aww! It sounds like you have a lovely day planned....
    We're staying home and I'll be cooking...Which I actually don't mind! It's one meal I do love to cook!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2015 x


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