Our Christmas.

First of all.. I hope you ALL had a lovely Christmas! We sure did. I apologize I did not do a 'Merry Christmas' post, I have not been blogging a lot recently as I've just not had the time and when I have had the time then I've been to tired!
Our Christmas was filled with laughter, smiles and lots of mess. This Christmas was totally different to previous years. Mia understood what was going on, really knew who Santa Clause was and lets just say she was over-excited! All day Christmas Eve she wouldn't stop talking about Santa! In her mind, the way Santa Clause comes to gives presents is; he puts some magic on him to make him very small to come down our chimney and then open our log burner door to get out and then lay out all the presents. They both had some Christmas Eve boxes with a letter from Santa which they loved. They both went to bed around 7pm I think. Anyway, they both finally went to sleep so I decided to bring all the presents down whilst my partner went to go get the doll cot, dolls house and Frozen bike from his mothers house. I am so glad I decided to finish the wrapping about a week before Christmas so I did get a bit of relaxing time Christmas Eve which was nice but I did make sure I went to bed early-ish so we could wake up nice and fresh Christmas Day.
Did it go that way? No. Both girls were up 4am. Mia saw her presents in her stocking on the side of her bed and she got very excited however she did listen to me when I told her Santa was still around and she was not allowed to open them until it was around 7am. From 4am - 6.45am she slept for about 45-60 mins maybe or less. We were shattered, plus my youngest wakes up 3-4am most nights so we were both a little like zombies waking up ha ha. We decided to come downstairs and the girls were confussed as I had put wrapping paper on the door! I wanted them to run into it and break it but they wouldn't ha ha. When Iwan got it down they went into the living room and lets just say their reaction and faces were PRICELESS! I got a gorgeous Clogau Gold necklace off my partner which I absolutely love! Plus an Eastenders Children In Need Calender which I opened Christmas Eve ha ha!
I do think they got a little too much presents as we all got a little bored in the end. However, they loved everything they got. My partners parents came over about 10.30am then when they went home me, my partner and the girls went to my partners aunty and uncles house to say Merry Christmas and spent about 1-2 hours there. We had a drink and yes, I got a tad tipsy! We then made our way to my partners parents house for Christmas (late) dinner, which was lovely. We spent the rest of the day there, the girls had more presents which they loved!

Hope you all had a lovely day.x

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  1. Aww! It sounds and looks like you've had a wonderful Christmas!
    Lovely photos!


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