Boxing Day 2014.

Every Boxing Day without fail we go to my Nain & Taid's house to spend the day there. My aunty from England comes down over Christmas too so it is nice to have all the family together. Unfortunately this year my Uncle or my Dad wasn't there as they were somewhere else. However we all still had a brilliant time. Mia and Elliw had more presents again, and so did me and my partner. We had a buffet and a couple of drinks but my partner didn't drink as he wanted to work in the evening. Mia went to her Dad's 4pm to spend a few days there.
We had another lovely day with my side of the family. That evening when we came home I ordered a Pizza and relaxed all evening whilst my partner was working. Elliw slept half way coming home so I brought her down since she wasn't settling and kept her up until about 9 - 9.30pm which was a nice change!

What did you do Boxing Day?

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