Slimming World Healthy Extra B List

If you are a Slimming World member then you will know that Healthy Extras are part of the plan. There are two kinds of Healthy Extras: A and B. A is your calcium: milk, cheese etc and you Healthy Extra B is your bread, cereals and so on. This year there was a big change up to the Healthy Extra's and it had mixed views from the members. As a member myself, I was pleased with the changes.

Now going back to the Healthy Extra B list, I have had to remove the list as I was contacted by Slimming World to do so, which is totally understandable. However, I will be contacting to see if I am allowed to list some Healthy Extra B that is not listed in the members pack book.

For the main list of Healthy Extra B, you will need to join a local Slimming World and you will received a new member pack that will contain all the information of the plan and so on.

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